10 simple Scientific tricks to have any women you want…

1. Wear some red color shirt: Red color really works some magic whenever doing the art of seduction. In accordance to the study of “Journal of Experimental Psychology,” wearing red is observed as a symbol of authority and power, thus making you looks more attractive to other people.



2. Keep things interested: Sometimes, it’s about how you approach and converse .Saying,’would you like to come to the movies with me?’ Is very different from saying, ‘Do you want to be my girlfriend?’
Each female have different tastes, likes, dislikes, interests, kinks, values and so on. Something that will attract one of them to you will turn another one off. If you are not attractive to some one then try next…There are 50% gender is female and no need to get dis-pointed with one rejection if you are a real man. Be ready for rejection.


3. Confidence — Not Arrogance : Is Apparently Very Sexy. It is hard to be confident when you do not have much going for you in life. But in front of your potential mate, always maintain a level of confidence and belief in yourself.

4. Use Humor: Women are behind a guy with a sense of humor. Positive stories, nice jokes and real incidents which brings smile at some ones face makes people attractive. Add a little humor in your talks, respect them and you will find girls will start getting attracted to you. Learn more Here!

5. Have some good Hobbies : The guy one who just goes to work, comes back home and leads his life is not attractive. Think about it. Develop some good hobbies so that you can also meet more females.

6. Smile and eye contact : A simple wide smile and little longer gaze can attract women. But do not discomfort the opposite person by this act.

7. Listen and speak in deep voice:

8. Be yourself. If you are attractive in terms of what she values, she will be attracted. Otherwise you saves yourself from spending time with someone incompatible.

9. Leave your Ego and Don’t Be shy.

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