10 useful Google Search Secrets & Tricks-Use these tactics next time…

Google search secret

Most of the people who has internet connection is using google search every day. You just simply type the words or sentence to find the relative information. But many still don’t know plenty of tricks and hack the search engine has. Google updates their search algorithm regularly to provide most relevant search result. The old tricks and hacks which was recorded by many website may not work now. Refer below latest and commonly used tricks.

Don’t forget to use these useful google search when you search next time. Try to check each option in the google when you go through each point.


Get Result from one Website (site):

If you want to search information from a particular website, then just type   

site: sitename.com  keyword. 

Example: site: sociolobby.com facts

Google will show you all the pages having facts word in sociolobby.com as shown below.


Refine Google Search by File Type (filetype):

Some time we need PDF, Power point presentation (PPT), Document files for various purposes, but generally google shows lots of results from the different sites. To exactly find a file with specified format type use below search format.

Filetype: file format keyword

Example:  learn English filetype:pdf


Flip a coin:

Need to make a life-altering decision but you don’t have a coin? Let Google do that for you.

Type flip a coin in the google search, then it will flip a virtual coin for you.


Open Google.com

 If you are in India by default google will open Google.in instead of Google.com. So next time try www.google.com/ncr can be used to open Google.com to make better global searches.

You can also click “Use Google.com” on Google’s bottom-right corner to achieve the same result.



Set Timer:

Assume you are in front of computer and need a reminder to go to a meeting after 30 minute. Then use Set timer feature. It will alarm (sound) you at specified time although you minimized google page. Also you can use google as stopwatch with stopwatch option.

When you want to take an online mock exam and write an essay in predefined time these options are very helpful.


Use calculator:

Google can provide some of the things that you need the most in your daily life. If you need a virtual calculator then you have to type “calculator” and Google will give you one.



Search by Keywords:

The better keywords you give to the search engine, the better results you receive back. If you are looking for “facebook  tips tricks” then better not to type”what are the tips and tricks for facebook” because it allows Google to search for the right words without including the other avoidable words.

Get Movies Show times:

You quickly find movie show times for cinemas near to you.  Then type

Movies and location where you want to know currently playing movies.

Example: movies Mumbai



Translate from One Language to Another :

Translate command can easily translate text for you using Google Translate.

Example: “translate “how you are “from English to Hindi. Type as shown in the below picture.



Get Recent Results :

You can limit your results by time. Once you hit search, you get an option to narrow down your results. Just click “search tools” and then click “any time” and you’ll get a drop down selector to choose just results from the past hour through the past year.





You can watch below video published by Top Trending to know some more secrets which is not listed above.


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