10 of world’s most overrated tourist places

Most overrated places in world

All of us have a travel bug in us and at times we plan trips to exotic locations to satisfy it. However, there are places where we reach with high expectations but these are shattered soon after. It is probably the fact that such places may be quite boring to see and most people feel that they made a big mistake in traveling so far. Here is a look at 10 such overrated traps in our world.

1) The Mona Lisa Paris

For others she might be the lady with the beautiful smile but if you ever get to visit the place you will find it a waste of time. Hidden in a pretty small frame 20.87 inches *30.32 inches you can catch a glimpse from a 15 feet far rope. Apart from that the fact that there are at least 500 people also waiting for a look makes the entire process too cumbersome and not worth your time.

Crowd of People Taking Photo of the Mona Lisa


2) Manneken Pis Brussels

One of the most photographed statues in the world you can find the image at every item in Brussels. The truth, however, is that this famous artefact is only a statue of a boy peeing in the fountain. This wonderful piece of art is situated right in the centre of the city so you do not have to worry about missing it.

Image credit: Sarah Stierch

3) Stonehenge England

There have been a lot of questions arising about the reason why this monument was created. However, there is no one ready to help you find answers. Surrounded by ropes all around this place has no museum or information centre to satisfy your curiosity.

Image credit:reverendlukewarm

4) Leaning tower of Pisa Italy

Once you have had a look there is not much to do here.To top it the hawkers will keep troubling you continuously making you think why you ever came here in the first place. Also remember that if you are coming from Rome the train journey may be a little heavy on the pocket and hence you would most likely feel disappointed.

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5) Giza pyramids Cairo

The mystery of pyramids always attracts tourists and if you are also one of them then be prepared for touts and hawkers ready to sell you their wares. Moreover, since these pyramids are not located in the remote areas you would find them surrounded by fast food joints which also acts as a dampener to your mood. However, the insides are definitely worth a visit so full marks given to that.

Grey Concrete Pyramids on the Middle of the Dessert during Daytime


6) Little mermaid, Copenhagen

She is the most photographed statue in Denmark and is inspired by a famous fairy tale written by that name. But the size of the statue is only 4 feet and you have to make an extra effort to notice it.The fact that its background is an industrial front also spoils the mood.

 Image credit: Miguel Mendez


7) Madame Tussauds Wax museum

This one is only for those who are extremely fascinated by Hollywood and its stars. Otherwise, this experience of watching gross representations of stars smiling at you can easily be given a miss.

8) London Eye, London

One of the most prominent tourist attractions of this location it is actually a Ferris wheel which moves pretty slowly. One rotation of the same takes 30 minutes and it is not very interesting to keep watching the same scene for that much amount of time. Moreover, the cost of a ticket is pretty high and you may seriously want to leave this one.

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9) Checkpoint Charlie Germany

During the cold war, this was the name given to the famous Berlin wall checkpoint between East and West Berlin. Now it has become a small booth occupied by sandbags and actors posing as soldiers. Not much left in here that could reminisce you about those times so clearly avoidable.

Image credit: Yann Gar

10) Hollywood Walk of Fame LA

While you are trying to focus on the pavement you will find lookalikes of characters and actors jostle for your attention. An extreme let-down as this place has become more of a sidewalk where you would find all kinds of annoying people and activities happening.

Image credit: Christian Haugen

So this is our list of places which are clearly overrated and hence can be cut off from your travel list. If you have also had such an experience with any location do let us know by mentioning in the comment box. We would also love to share and be a part of your travel experiences.

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