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These 17 Tips of everyday things will change what you are doing Wrong. Genius Solutions to Simple Problems.

1. Smartphone on an airplane/flight mode : Your battery will recharge very quicker than the normal and reduce charging time when you put your smart […]

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10 simple Scientific tricks to have any women you want…

1. Wear some red color shirt: Red color really works some magic whenever doing the art of seduction. In accordance to the study of “Journal […]

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How do I reduce weight without exercise?

Remember one thing if you can control your food intake habits then it is easy to reduce weight in 3 months without exercising. Weight loss […]


How to Play Pokémon Go… Help your friends to understand

Are you aware about the new Internets viral game everyone talking about now. If not it  is the time to know at least the basics […]

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How to Freshen Smelly Shoes

Bacterial growth within the shoes that can produce odors. To avoid odor simple follow any one of the below easy steps: Vodka :Vodka is odorless […]

Modi 2019

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Overall, the chances for NDA is still really good in 2019. They will still capture the majority seats in Rajasthan, MP, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, UP, […]

dangal movie leaked

Are you going to watch Aamir Khan’s DANGAL Movie? – Here Leaked wrestling scenes location

Watch some of the leaked on location wrestling scenes of the film Dangal. It is an upcoming Hindi film based on sports drama. The film […]


These Actresses Were Caught Adjusting Their Dress In Public!

We can see that every one of them have in any event once, been discovered adjusting their dresses out in the open. Keeping in mind […]

Modi Mistake

Fair and lovely scheme by Modi is the biggest mistake ?

Watch the below published video and accusing of Modi government over black money and other issues in parliament. The PM has launched a “Fair & […]