2017 Filmfare Short Film Competition – Part 2

Agent of Death & Dum Dum Deega Deega Short Film review

Name of the filmDum Dum Deega Deega


It is wise to face a problem instead of running away from it.  There are several short films in this section, but this film is well portrayed.  So, I have chosen this film.

The film starts with a narrative – Solution is always hidden inside a problem we face in our life.

The story is about a child who does not want to beg.  He is part of a begging society, and has a Didi (elder sister) who loves him cares for him and adores him.  But his Baba(Father) wants to make him a beggar.  He tortures the child but the boy succeeds in his aspiration to be free from begging.  This is a film about positive attitude.

Editing: Good

Camera: Good

Direction: Good

Sound Design: Good

Screenplay: Good

Specially, the child actor and his performance is noteworthy.  

Best but distressing scene:  The child was inside the cupboard.  Truly, it was a shock to me. 

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Name of the film – Agent of Death


This is an unusual short story, but definitely has a social context. Introduction is nice.  From the beginning, the content is clear.  The agent of death acted well, but there was a subtle issue with believability of the other character called Parag.  His look was not suitable to play as a Dad.

This short film reminds me of several marketing agents in our daily life.  In the movie the agent does the right thing for his client.  It is a short and beautiful fiction that engages the viewer till the end.    

A big gratitude:  The Director has brought to light a social crisis, which normally we ignore or look over.

Editing: Good.

Camera: Good

Sound Design: Good.

Direction: Good.

Screenplay: Good, but had the potential to become excellent.

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Image credit: Filmfare


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