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Understanding people' behavior

5Types of Toxic People You Should Be Careful Of

Life is a journey and meeting and separating from people is a part of it. While some people enter into your life and fill it with happiness there are some who only cause damage to your psyche. It is quite difficult for an individual to filter who enters and leaves their lives but you can always steer clear of toxic people who can only spoil your happiness. Here are some kinds of people you should strictly move away from the moment you realize their true colours.

success mantra avoid toxic people

  • The blame game players

    These are the people who love to victimize themselves all the time. They will quickly shift the blame of anything wrong on you and try to portray as if they have been subjected to torture instead of you. Such people have no consideration for anyone’s feelings and can go to any extent to protect their self-image. If you are in the company of any such person move away before they spoil your reputation too.

  • The complainers

    It’s really painful to be in the presence of any such person. They would complain about anything and everything happening on this planet and expect you to understand. However such people are not always very rational in their approach hence it is very easy for you to dismiss their opinions as a fancy of their fickle mind. In case they do not stop their complaints even after visible signs from you stop engaging with them there and then.

success mantra avoid toxic people

  • The gossip mongers

    Well they have a desire and time to gossip endlessly .So if they are doing so with you understand they might be doing with others too. Just like they are telling you someone’s secrets they might be sharing yours too. Such people have no empathy and love for other people’s emotions. Not only they spread negative points about others they even make the entire environment around them toxic.

  • The self-gainers

    These are manipulators who will modify each situation to gain maximum benefit for themselves. The first question such people ask themselves is how they can derive advantage from any situation. They play with other people’s emotions without any regard as to what its impact can be. If you are in touch with such a person remember you are only a means to an end for him and nothing else. One way of finding out such a person is to notice their behavior. They will be willing to take all that you can give them but when you ask them for the return they would just give excuses and move on.

  • The attention seekers

    People who love being the center of attention often tend to go overboard. They are loud, boisterous and can go to any extent to remain in the limelight. The level of their brain can be compared to a child who throws all kinds of tantrums to get people to notice him. Ignore them as you have better things to do.

success mantra avoid toxic people

Hopefully, by now, you must be clear on these mischief mongers and how and why avoiding them is necessary. Try to be diplomatic in your approach to sending them packing from your life. Such people often take any kind of rejection seriously so be smart in your approach. All the best.

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