5 super easy tricks to remember names

How to Remember a Person's Name

This world of ours is a small place. In the course of pursuing our daily life routines, we meet multiple people. With some of them, we become close friends while the rest go on to become our acquaintances. It is this category of people whose names we tend to forget when we meet them again. Am sure most of us have made the mistake of forgetting someone’s name and drawing a blank on confronting him. So if you are one of those too and want to build upon relationships by learning this trick here are some quick tips to do so.

How to remember names

  • Meeting and repeating 

    Whenever you are introduced to any new person do not just make a random conversation and move on. Start by passing statements which reinforce that person’s name .For e.g. Hi Rita, How are you doing? All throughout your discussion with that person keep using the name subtly. However, make sure not to overdo it.When you part ways use the name to sign off. This helps your mind to connect the name with that person and next time when you meet again you will be able to recollect.

  • Spelling it out

    In case the person you are meeting has a difficult name you can always ask him to spell it out for you. This will help you in making a picture of that person in your mind and most likely in the next meeting, you will be quick to relate. You can also ask the person for his business card in order to understand his name better.

How to remember names

  • Imagine 

    An interesting way to remember someone’s name is to conjure an image of him with something that you can recall later. This could be anything related to the person like his job, looks or the place where he lives. For e.g. if you meet a person called Mack who is also a software engineer you could remember his name by linking it with successfully with Mac computers.

  • Relation making

    As soon you start knowing a person try relating him to some other people in your life and have the same name. For e.g. if you meet someone with the name Emma and your sister also has the same name you can always connect the two. The next time you meet the person your mind will relate and you will say “Ah yes I remember you. You are Emma right”. You could also use celebrities to create an association i.e. if the person has a resemblance to a star with the same name you could create a relation among the two.

  • Try to remember

    Most of all it is very necessary that you do not lose track. It is easy to say I am bad at remembering names but why not at least give it a try. If you decide on recalling the names then you can do it very well. The key is to pay close attention to the other person’s overall personality and finding signs of relating.

Hope these tricks would help you in keeping your memory chargers up and help you in recollecting names of each person you meet. However, it is imperative that you understand that it will take you some time to applying them in your daily life. Once you have mastered all of them it will be easier for you to manage your acquaintances and build your professional and personal circle.



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