6 Tips To Get That Attention Grabbing Selfie With The Least Effort!

There is hardly anyone who does not take a selfie these days. From  big actors to even the presidents, everyone is crazy about selfies. So, next time when you decide to take a shot, do not just face the camera and click. Instead follow these great tips to get that attention grabbing selfie that you desire.

  1. Highlight what you wish to show. Whether it is a new haircut, or the new jewelry that you bought, if you wish to show off something, make sure you capture selfie in a way that the thing gets highlighted.
  2. Tilt your head in the best angle. Yes, this trick always works. Tilting your head not only highlights your cheekbones but also makes the eyes look bigger.

  3. Check your background. This is one of the most crucial tips. Always avoid a dirty or messy background while clicking a selfie as it does not leave a good impression. Take selfies in clear and pleasant background.

  4. Filters can work wonders. Give your selfie that added warmth with the golden filter or just try the retro look with the black and white filter. You can really accentuate your look if you master the art of using filters.

  5. Make sure to hold the camera above your head. This is another tip you must swear by. Hold the camera above your head as it always gives a great shot and you can show off some of your stylish outfit too!

  6. Don’t be shy my honey. When you are clicking pictures, just be free. Try out with new poses and show off your sexy side. Be confident while you click any photos, whether silly or sexy, just show off the hidden style icon in you.

Do not expect the best shot in just one click. Getting great selfies also needs skills and you need time you learn the art of clicking attractive selfies. Never be afraid to click many photos, as the more you will click, the more you will have to choose from. So, just go ahead and click that attractive selfie!!


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