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Modern days see a lot of relationships breaking and couples facing issues from the initial stages of their relationship itself. While the other people think it is because of stress, infidelity or incompatibility issues the truth is that there are some very serious matters which cause the rift. The problem is that most couples do not pay attention to these toxic relationship matters. However these issues have the capability to most likely destroy their future together. Let us have a close look at these issues and how they harm the sanctity of your relationship.

relationship problems

• Emotional closure

Many people tend to be in a relationship but refuse to share their emotional problems with each other. What’s more, they even do not agree to take any kind of feedback from each other. Any kind of advice is assumed as a criticism and the other person is just closed from doing that again. At times we do not realize our failings and sometimes another person is able to guide us better. Have an open mind and at least listen to the other person.

• We know it all

Most spouses assume that they know everything about their partners but that can never be true. Every person stays in his own world and has some dreams and thoughts which they most likely will not share with anyone. Hence leave a little suspense and use it to make your relationship more interesting.

• Giving space

At times we think that since we are in a relationship it is imperative that we have to spend all the time together. We forget our old friends and same applies to our partner too. However, we must understand that each of us has certain hobbies.  It is these hobbies we should indulge in irrespective of our relationship status. Give the person enough space to live his life and be with you also at the same time.

relationship problems


• Never say sorry

All of us have disagreements during fights and sometimes it goes to a different level where couples hurl abuses at each other. Once the situation calms down most of us instead of apologizing for the same make the mistake of assuming that everything is good. This leads the other partner to believe that their feelings are not important to you. Leave your ego aside and apologize if you also do that with your partner.

• Shame themselves

Sometimes one of the partners has had a painful past or some secret which h/she would not want to be put in front of others. However, the other partner does not realize the pain of bringing that topic and crosses the line of revealing the details to others frequently. On the flip side, this leads the other partner to lose trust in emotions and h/she resorts to other methods to prove his innocence.

• Not sharing the load

Traditionally housework had always been the forte of women but times have changed now. With more and more women stepping out of their houses and pursuing professional careers doing all the housework makes the woman feel stressed out. Successful couples manage to share the load and divide it such that they get ample time to spend with each other too.


• Too much dependence

While it is good to discuss everything with your spouse before taking decisions over dependence tends to complicate matters .Healthy discussions are good but depending on the other partner to take your decisions is not the right way to go about it. Have a circle of your own and let the other spouse also have one. Share your views and opinions but do not make it a mandatory rule which has to be obeyed.

relationship problems

Relationships have to go through a lot of stress and turmoil before a level of settlement and understanding sets in. Not committing the above mistakes will ensure that you stay happy and contended in your relationship for long. Don’t worry if initially, you do take the time to adjust. It is perfectly normal and things will be fine soon.



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