8 pictures of your kids you should not post on social networks

Think Twice Before You Post your Kids Photos online

The world has become smaller these days all thanks to the advent of technology in reaching out to your friend group. Social media has made it possible for your relatives and friends be privy to your life even if they are miles apart. People share and post snaps of their vacations and memorable events of their life to let others know about how things are going with them. However, many people tend to go overboard and post even those snaps of their family especially kids which should be avoided. This step can lead to a problem later and hence it is advisable to post the below-mentioned snaps for public display.

1) Bathing snaps

For you, the bath time of your little one may be a fun and enjoyable experience but understand that there are social predators lurking to grab such snaps. These are the people who indulge in the malpractice of child pornography and hence do not give them a chance to exploit your child’s details too.

2) Sickness or injury snaps

Even kids like to have some privacy and sharing their moments of pain is not a right thing to do. We ourselves avoid pictures where we are not looking up to the mark so the same rule applies to your child as well.

3) Child shaming snaps

Most parents think that by recording moments of them scolding or reprimanding the child they can stop the child from repeating bad behavior again. However, the truth is child shaming not only bruises the child’s self-esteem posting the same online will make him lose trust in you completely.

3) Using bathroom

Your child using the bathroom is his private business and should not be publicized. For you, it might be interesting to proclaim to the world that your kid has been potty trained but in the future, he might be teased so just avoid posting that.

5) Private information

Never share the private information of your child’s school and his tuition classes etc. on the internet. You never know who is waiting to get this information and a slight carelessness on your part can endanger your child’s life.


6) Group snaps

Your child may have just come back from a school trip and would want to share his snaps with other parents. However, such pictures also have snaps of other kids and it is advisable to ask their parents for permissions before posting them.

7) Weak moment snaps

Your child may be scared of the dark or you might have caught him napping in his tuition. Never share that snap online as anybody can use that information to bully or make fun of him in school or other places.

8) Endangering activities

You might have just put a cigar in your child’s mouth to take a snap for fun but posting it can open a can of worms. You may have to face a lot of flak for doing so as not everyone is aware that the snap is only fun sake.
Remember that once something goes online there is hardly any chance for you to take it back because some people may have already seen it. Hence be smart in your choice of the information you wish to share online. Any mistake on your part can cause severe damage to your child’s personality hence the need to follow the above-mentioned precautions.

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