8 Tips to help your child cope with exam pressure

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It is again that time of the year when students go through the rigorous schedule of examinations. Apart from the stress they go through these days parents also have to be a part of the same. In spite of trying to ease the pressure it refuses to abate . This sometimes becomes the cause of higher mental disorders in kids. To help you we are telling you simple tips by which you can encourage the child and ease the burden of his study as well.

  • Remain calm– Whenever you are having any kind of interaction with your kid ensure that you stay calm and relaxed. You can even tell him ways in which you used to relax during your exams. Your child will be able to sense if you are tensed and hence avoid showing any signs of panic.

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  • De stress – Figure out ways in which you can reduce your own stress levels. If going for a walk or listening to music serves the purpose then do that. Only if you are relaxed will you be able to pass on that feeling to your child.
  • Help in management– Go through your child’s course and guide him how to go about studying them to the best of their abilities. Try preparing a time table to help him manage his studies better. However make sure to check on that time table daily and ensure that they are able to follow it diligently.

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  • Behavior changes– It might be possible that your child is taking the stress on his own and does not wish to share. Try noticing any changes in behavior like irritability, nervousness etc. If you notice something like that make sure to have a chat with the child. This will make him feel that you are concerned about him and he will open up about his problems.
  • Diet care– This happens mostly with teenagers as they tend to miss out eating properly during exam time. Or they may binge on junk food to cut down on the stress.  Make sure that he is eating healthy and nutritious food at regular intervals and if possible incorporate a glass of milk too .
  • Sleep pattern – During examinations kids follow erratic sleep patterns to cover up their entire curriculum. It is your responsibility to ensure that he is sleeping enough as lack of the same can cause severe memory issues during the exam.

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  • Be realistic– It is good that you expect your child to perform. However your going over the top and making it mandatory for him to achieve a certain level of success is not right. Make him understand that he needs to give his best shot and that these exams are not the be all and end all. However if he does well in the exams you would be really proud of him.
  • No arguments – Ensure that during the periods of examinations there are minimal arguments with the child. Such negative thoughts can severely affect his thought process and no one is going to gain anything productive from it. If your child is misbehaving ignore it and talk to him only when he is in a better mood.

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Though these are simple tips to ease your child’s exam pressure your following them would ensure that none of you gets stressed out. Your kid only needs your unconditional support and guidance and make sure to emphasize that frequently. Examinations are only a passing phase and if you are careful neither you nor your child will feel their pain ever. All the best…


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