Addicted To Tobacco Smoking – Know These Informations

Reasons for Cigarette Smoking

Logics and Analysis Related to Smoking

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Mostly we start consuming tobacco in our teenage.  Because it gives a sense of maturity at that time.  Three main reasons are following –

  • Look mature
  • Follow our friends and sometime guides
  • Experiencing an adventure

After a certain point of time we try to quit, but the success rate is a minimum.  Because the nicotine level in blood creates the issue.  While in our initial smoking days we do not think about nicotine level.  By being adventurous we smoke, and the problem starts after.  After a certain span of years we feel the urge of regular smoke.  The reason is simple – drop in nicotine level in blood.  And we feel to smoke till it creates that feel-good factor.

Reasons for Adult’s Smoking:

  • Personal and Professional stress
  • Have fallen in the trap of nicotine
  • Brain storming or creative juice release

Results of Cigarette Smoking:

  • Increases the chance of Lung Cancer
  • Decreases Appetite and Weight
  • Breathing problem and Asthma
  • Creating passive smoker

Deadly Chemicals Present in Cigarette:

carbon monoxide car exhaust
nicotine bug sprays
tar material to make roads
arsenic rat poison
ammonia cleaning products
hydrogen cyanide gas chamber poison
cyanide deadly poison
acetone nail polish remover
butane cigarette lighter fluid
DDT insecticides
formaldehyde to preserve dead bodies
sulfuric acid car batteries
cadmium used to recharge batteries
freon damages earth’s ozone layer
geranic acid a fragrance
methoprene a pesticide
maltitol a sweetener not permitted to be used in foods in the U.S.

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WHO’s Updated Statistics & Suggestions:

Tobacco kills around 6 million users every year, and out of it 5 million users are active smokers.  Around 600000 second-hand smokers die every year.  Nearly, 80% of the smokers belong to the low-and-medium-income countries.  But the saddest part is tobacco-related illness and death considered largest in low-and-medium-income countries.

To cut down tobacco consumption World Health Organisation has suggested few measures.  The main victim is youth, and the youth is more important than tax collection of a state.  So a high taxation rate can help a lot to deprive production of tobacco.  Next, advertising industry should do negative advertising and picture warning.  

To penalise a teenager for tobacco smoking is not the solution, but social service help is crucial.  They can help them who are willing to quit tobacco, at least a provision should be there.  Social service needs to be active so that smokers can quit the  habit and leave healthy.




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