Most Adorable Yet Irritating Things Couples Do

In today’s world love has become only a name .While most people stay away from this emotion there are still a few others who believe in soul mates and love at first sight. And if one of them is your close friend then am sure you would have been a witness to some of the crazy stuff that he or she does for this special someone. However irritating these actions definitely make you go …..Awww and all mushy. So let’s see if we are able to chalk out some of these.

  • We are together


Most of the couples tend to forget that they had friends even before they met each other. So you might see them making all their plans with each other and no you are not invited in any of them .However hurtful that may seem you also know it feels so romantic ….right.

  • Coordinating clothes


You will see this trend in all those couples who are extremely fashion conscious. So you see them dressed in the same colour combinations each time they come out. It may seem nice to them but surely looks like a fashion blunder to the others.

  • Suddenly it’s a we


Till now conversations were about I plan to…..I wish to …..and suddenly it is modified to we plan to ….we wish to. In case you are not comfortable be very sure no one is bothered.

  • Aggressive PDA

529444461_11ec6a8470_mSource:Tom Godber, flickr

Hold your horse’s guys what’s with the serious PDA and that too in front of your friends. Of course, there are always the private places where you can go so spare us this torture.

  • The continuous talk


This holds true for most women who keep on telling us about how nice and special they feel since they are in love. Very good to hear but please we have not experienced it so we cannot agree or disagree with you.

  • Photo sessions


Ever since you have been together it must be your 1000th selfie with the guy or girl and you are not going to stop at that number, are you. The irritating part is when the selfie session starts when you are with friends.

  • Each fight seems to be the last


With all other details, you are also the first one to know about any tiff happening. The next day they might again be together but today’s’ fight is broadcasted as if this is the last one.

  • The cute nicknames


Source:Wyatt Fisher ,flickr

So they have kept sweet sounding nicknames for each other. The problem arises when these names are used in public as well and of course as friends you also need to find it cool.

  • Feeding each other

You come to a restaurant the least you want is any of your couple friends feeding each other food .That is also accompanied by encouraging undertones like “good boy ” and “ that’s more like my baby”. Aren’t we embarrassed enough already?


  • Relationship advice

Good that you guys found love but what is that you seem to provide free love advice to everyone. We already have a lot on our hands and these tips are definitely not needed.



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