Actress Nargis Fakhri goofed up while auditioning on America’s Next Top Model contest. It’s really funny watch!!!

This is almost a 12 years old video of American model turned actress Nargis Fakhri who looked nervous in front of the camera and judges. […]

4 year girl speaks 7 languages
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Unbelievable: Very Cute 4-Year-Old Girl Speaks 7 Languages, Including English

  Bella Devyatkina from Moscow showed off her multi linguistic abilities on the Moscow TV show “”Udivitelniye Lyudi” (Incredible People)”. Although she is just 4 year […]

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My biggest surprise about getting rich? Know the problems of being Rich and wealthy

Most people hold the illusion that if only they had more money, their life would have been better and they would be happier. Then they […]

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Kid asks for a Cigarette, What Happens Next Will Totally Surprise you…

As a responsible person we say Kids shouldn’t smoke. But do we actually follow what we preach? We know even passive smoking kills many more […]


Indian News channel NDTV India to be BANNED for broadcasting sensitive information

On 2nd of January 2016 Pathankot air force station was attacked by terrorist and Hindi news channel NDTV broadcasted this anti-terror operation. NDTV will be […]

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Emotional  powerful  message by a young Man to the GIRL he used to a MUST watch.

A girl named Emily at 11 years old lost all hopes of living like a normal girl. She decides to hold on to hope until […]

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Video: Simple Solution to Smart phone addiction-Shocking Ways Mobile Phone Is Affecting Your Life

  In the current era of living mobile phones become the basic necessity of once life. Every technology comes with lot of advantage and there are also […]

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Life lessons from Chanakya neeti-Top quotes from Chanakya. Your Guide to self Motivation.

Chanakya was a great scholar and great political strategist in the ancient Indian history.  He was the chief adviser of the first Mauryan King Chandragupta Maurya .These were some […]

beauty tips for girs
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Latest makeup beauty tricks for every girl.

It is not fair that God created some people incredibly beautiful aesthetically, and others just average. I feel it is unfair. Now we can’t go back to […]

Look taller
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Video:How To LOOK Taller… 6 Style Tips To Appear Taller Than You Are.

Most short men desire to look tall. We cannot change our height which mother nature has given us. Most women develop a faster liking for […]

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