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8 Tips to help your child cope with exam pressure

It is again that time of the year when students go through the rigorous schedule of examinations. Apart from the stress they go through these […]

Tips to succeed
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7 Tips to succeed when you have no special skills

From a very young age, there are certain things that are conditioned in our mind. People lie to us about how we can succeed only […]

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Life Guide

Life is a strategy game … play it well

We all have heard the saying that life is a game so play it along. The game starts from childhood itself when we are assigned […]

hair loss treatment
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8 Best hair loss treatments :How To Grow Hair Faster-How To Stop Hair Loss

How to cure baldness  The stress and tensions of jobs and personal lives impacts people in many forms. While some of them like physical ailments […]

relationship problems
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The 7 most Ignored relationship Issues

Solutions That Can Save a Relationship Modern days see a lot of relationships breaking and couples facing issues from the initial stages of their relationship […]

Mannequin Challenge
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Mannequin Challenge- Have you taken part ?

It was only a year back when we were all raving about the ice bucket challenge. Multiple celebrities were seen taking part in the challenge […]

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5 super easy tricks to remember names

This world of ours is a small place. In the course of pursuing our daily life routines, we meet multiple people. With some of them, […]

success mantra avoid toxic people
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5 Toxic Personalities Successful People try to Avoid…

5Types of Toxic People You Should Be Careful Of Life is a journey and meeting and separating from people is a part of it. While […]

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10 of world’s most overrated tourist places

All of us have a travel bug in us and at times we plan trips to exotic locations to satisfy it. However, there are places […]

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Why a visit to Petra is necessary for you

Petra Tour guide An intriguing city Petra has always been an enigma for the people visiting it. Historians delight and an archaeologists heaven this place witnesses […]

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