Bow down to the 10 most handsome men …here they are


Just like men like to ogle at beautiful women same applies to women too. This is the reason why many women spend a considerable time of their day checking out handsome men and knowing what they like. However, when it comes to celebrities these same women go berserk and try their best to follow each movement of the actor they are in love with.


Our world has been blessed with some really handsome men. Not only have these men had all the good looks possible they also know the tricks to make women go weak in their knees. These men have good looks, a chiseled body, great physique and a charming smile. While some of them are taken, some are besotted and some have fallen in and out of love multiple times. Whatever it is they continue to rule the hearts of many.

Whatever be their relationship status presently this gorgeous hunks from the world over are ruling the hearts of many girls and have been able to achieve a lot of success in the fields they are into. Here we are presenting to you the final top 10 list of the most handsome men of the world for the year 2016-17.


These boys are not just actors, they are into different fields but their looks have made them one among the top contenders for this list. However, their good looks have definitely ensured that they get the much-needed adulation and love from their fans and followers. In spite of their relationship statuses women go crazy when they see them and are willing to go to any extent to get in touch with these handsome hunks.


Go through this list presented by TOP x BEST and let us know your take on whether these people are actually the most handsome men in the world or do you feel that some major entries have been left out.

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