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10 Innovative Film Merchandise of Golden Era

Old is gold, it is always said. Since we claim to be a nation with a passion for films, if we go back to 1960 […]

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Serbia To Supermodels …The journey of an ordinary woman to becoming Supermodel

TEEN MODEL FACTORY OF RUSSIA We all like a documentary and consider as a source of knowledge.  In European countries, documentaries are much more popular […]

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2017 Filmfare Short Film Competition – Part1

Filmfare 2017 Short Film Awards   Short-film is playing a vital role in entertainment industry.  In this digital age and online culture, short films are like […]

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Before bidding adieu …take a look at the most liked videos of 2016

The year 2016 is now coming to an end. Among other events, this year will be known prominently for Demonetisation, Donald Trump Win and India’s […]

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Not To Laugh Challenge!!! 7 Funniest Kids Videos that can fix your bad mood right now…

Why do people love babies so much? Yes they look cute and  absolutely adorable.They are wonderful creatures. After all the baby didn’t learn how to be […]

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Bow down to the 10 most handsome men …here they are

Just like men like to ogle at beautiful women same applies to women too. This is the reason why many women spend a considerable time […]