Actress Nargis Fakhri goofed up while auditioning on America’s Next Top Model contest. It’s really funny watch!!!

This is almost a 12 years old video of American model turned actress Nargis Fakhri who looked nervous in front of the camera and judges. […]

Entertainment & Fun

Bow down to the 10 most handsome men …here they are

Just like men like to ogle at beautiful women same applies to women too. This is the reason why many women spend a considerable time […]

beauty hacks
Tips & Tricks

21 Beauty hacks for on the run Ladies

Life for girls is really tough .What with all the makeup and boyfriend issues and then to ensure that you have a new dress to […]

Insurance mistakes

Dos and don’t’s of Insurance

Insurance over the years has slowly become an object of necessity and a way to invest some money for your future. However, it being a […]

couple love
Did you know?

Most Adorable Yet Irritating Things Couples Do

In today’s world love has become only a name .While most people stay away from this emotion there are still a few others who believe […]

bankers demonetization

Are you also affected by demonetization …….These guys are the worst hit

Demonetisation has taken the whole country by storm. While some are happy that finally black marketers are being forced to come out clean on their […]

satellite navigation
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India was denied GPS access from US during Kargil war and Know what India did…

SUCCESS OF NEW “GPS” SYSTEM “NAVIC” IS BOON TO INDIAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM IN THIS ERA. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched Indian Regional Navigation […]

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Five new trends in 2016 that you should watch out…

Fashion is an act that everyone deals with each and every passing day. Some people tend to say that they do not involve themselves in […]

India wedding
Tips & Tricks

Dear Bride your Dday is approaching –Learn how to make it memorable

This month and the one after that is the month of weddings in India. So you see a big fat wedding scheduled in almost all […]

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6 Tips To Get That Attention Grabbing Selfie With The Least Effort!

There is hardly anyone who does not take a selfie these days. From  big actors to even the presidents, everyone is crazy about selfies. So, […]

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