bankers demonetization

Are you also affected by demonetization …….These guys are the worst hit

Demonetisation has taken the whole country by storm. While some are happy that finally black marketers are being forced to come out clean on their […]

satellite navigation
Did you know?

India was denied GPS access from US during Kargil war and Know what India did…

SUCCESS OF NEW “GPS” SYSTEM “NAVIC” IS BOON TO INDIAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM IN THIS ERA. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched Indian Regional Navigation […]

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Five new trends in 2016 that you should watch out…

Fashion is an act that everyone deals with each and every passing day. Some people tend to say that they do not involve themselves in […]

India wedding
Tips & Tricks

Dear Bride your Dday is approaching –Learn how to make it memorable

This month and the one after that is the month of weddings in India. So you see a big fat wedding scheduled in almost all […]

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6 Tips To Get That Attention Grabbing Selfie With The Least Effort!

There is hardly anyone who does not take a selfie these days. From  big actors to even the presidents, everyone is crazy about selfies. So, […]

Life Guide

Frustrated with partner.Watch out for these 5 mistakes you could be making

We all want to fall in love and find that one special person who will hold our hands for the rest of our lives. However […]

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Now a day’s Yoga become so popular that from common man to celebrities are practicing it regularly. With the recommendations of Indian Prime Minister Narendramodi, […]

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What would you do if Rahul Gandhi proposed to you?

When we say the name Rahul Gandhi it sure rings a bell in the minds of all of us. A highly popular leader of the […]

look beautiful without makeup
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Chuck the makeup and still look beautiful

It is said that beauty is skin deep .Most women use expensive products and treatments to keep their skin looking fresh and radiant every day.However, […]

Heart Break
Did you know?

Handling breakup… When You Still Love her/him

Many people complain about the pain and physical hardship they go through during their life, however, believe me it is nothing compared to the pain […]

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