look beautiful without makeup
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Chuck the makeup and still look beautiful

It is said that beauty is skin deep .Most women use expensive products and treatments to keep their skin looking fresh and radiant every day.However, […]

Heart Break
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Handling breakup… When You Still Love her/him

Many people complain about the pain and physical hardship they go through during their life, however, believe me it is nothing compared to the pain […]

Rise Kid
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How to raise your kids in order for them to be intelligent

Every mothers dream is to have kids who are intelligent and have sharp brains. Am here by writing to help all mothers out there on […]

Shaving Tips
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You Will Be Surprised To Know The 7 Shaving Mistakes You Have Been Making From All These Years!!

Most of you might have been shaving for years and so you might be under the impression that you know to shave correctly. But, shaving is an […]

Unfair Love
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Love is a feeling that one feels towards another person, either because of her good qualities or bad qualities. In our present world right now […]

4 year girl speaks 7 languages
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Unbelievable: Very Cute 4-Year-Old Girl Speaks 7 Languages, Including English

  Bella Devyatkina from Moscow showed off her multi linguistic abilities on the Moscow TV show “”Udivitelniye Lyudi” (Incredible People)”. Although she is just 4 year […]


No one told you these TRUTH about the bold move of Indian PM of scrapping INR 500 & 1000 note.

It is a master stroke. A very bold, instant and a well-planned one. A best decision taken by the government of India and the Prime […]

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My biggest surprise about getting rich? Know the problems of being Rich and wealthy

Most people hold the illusion that if only they had more money, their life would have been better and they would be happier. Then they […]

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Indian News channel NDTV India to be BANNED for broadcasting sensitive information

On 2nd of January 2016 Pathankot air force station was attacked by terrorist and Hindi news channel NDTV broadcasted this anti-terror operation. NDTV will be […]

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