India wedding
Tips & Tricks

Dear Bride your Dday is approaching –Learn how to make it memorable

This month and the one after that is the month of weddings in India. So you see a big fat wedding scheduled in almost all […]

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6 Tips To Get That Attention Grabbing Selfie With The Least Effort!

There is hardly anyone who does not take a selfie these days. From  big actors to even the presidents, everyone is crazy about selfies. So, […]

Life Guide

Frustrated with partner.Watch out for these 5 mistakes you could be making

We all want to fall in love and find that one special person who will hold our hands for the rest of our lives. However […]

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Now a day’s Yoga become so popular that from common man to celebrities are practicing it regularly. With the recommendations of Indian Prime Minister Narendramodi, […]

look beautiful without makeup
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Chuck the makeup and still look beautiful

It is said that beauty is skin deep .Most women use expensive products and treatments to keep their skin looking fresh and radiant every day.However, […]

Shaving Tips
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You Will Be Surprised To Know The 7 Shaving Mistakes You Have Been Making From All These Years!!

Most of you might have been shaving for years and so you might be under the impression that you know to shave correctly. But, shaving is an […]

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DIY-Scents to make your house smell fresh and good…

Who doesnt love a nice smelling house. Infact a good smelling house is more inviting and relaxing. Here are few tips with which you can […]

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Video: Simple Solution to Smart phone addiction-Shocking Ways Mobile Phone Is Affecting Your Life

  In the current era of living mobile phones become the basic necessity of once life. Every technology comes with lot of advantage and there are also […]

beauty tips for girs
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Latest makeup beauty tricks for every girl.

It is not fair that God created some people incredibly beautiful aesthetically, and others just average. I feel it is unfair. Now we can’t go back to […]

Look taller
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Video:How To LOOK Taller… 6 Style Tips To Appear Taller Than You Are.

Most short men desire to look tall. We cannot change our height which mother nature has given us. Most women develop a faster liking for […]

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