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Are New Year resolutions actually meant to be broken…..Celebrate year 2017 differently…

Tips to Achieve your year 2017 goals….. So it’s again that time of the year when after all the partying and vacationing we decide on doing […]

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Frustrated with partner.Watch out for these 5 mistakes you could be making

We all want to fall in love and find that one special person who will hold our hands for the rest of our lives. However […]

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My biggest surprise about getting rich? Know the problems of being Rich and wealthy

Most people hold the illusion that if only they had more money, their life would have been better and they would be happier. Then they […]

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Make every day a happy day!! Hello Happy Day…

All of us like to have that perfect happy day. We want to start happy and end the day on a happy note too but […]

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Life lessons from Chanakya neeti-Top quotes from Chanakya. Your Guide to self Motivation.

Chanakya was a great scholar and great political strategist in the ancient Indian history.  He was the chief adviser of the first Mauryan King Chandragupta Maurya .These were some […]

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Straight forward answer for life’s most common 24 problems…

Image: BK, Flickr, Creative commons license. Not enough money? Go the extra mile. Render more and give better service than you’re being paid for. Serve more […]

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15 mistakes of your life will be realized when you are old.

When you are young, you have Time and Energy but no Money. When you get older you have Money and Energy but no Time. And […]

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