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All of us know that any physical activity or exercise is so much important to live a healthy lifestyle. No doubt, Health is wealth. Without a healthy body you cannot enjoy any leisure of world, no matter how expensive it is. But there is a difference in knowing things & applying them to lifestyle. How difficult is fulfilling our fitness goal and when it feels boring to go to gym! What to do in such times? Simple fundamental rule – Choose Gym & Choose Health !!! This article is especially for youngsters who have the physical strength to do gym well.  Here I am giving some tips to be followed to keep your motivation and enthusiasm high for those boring days when you feel boring to go to gym.

How to find motivation for Gym & Choose Gym –

Choose Gym & Choose Health


Join the gym with good facilities –

No doubt, a good & ideal gym will attract any fitness freak with its good equipments for exercise. It is advised to join a gym having all basic equipments and a qualified trainer. You will feel yourself motivated when it will have sauna bath, a good trainer and all necessary equipments for exercise. Don’t waste your money by joining it, but no going even 2-3 days a week. You are bored of doing exercise, may be you need to change gym.

Choose Gym & Choose Health


Progress track –

Keep the track of your progress made by doing all type of exercises. If you have set goal of losing weight in 6 months of a year, then very first day, measure your weight and then start exercising, thus tracking your progress every month will be helpful in keeping you motivated enough to go gym daily. Which feeling is more satisfactory than realising that you are averagely losing 4 kg a month following your fitness routine.

Choose Gym & Choose Health


Get ready a night before –

You have scheduled your fitness routine by joining gym in morning, but cold or hot weather outside don’t want to make it happen, for such time, remove invisible barriers like discomfort for getting out of bed by sleeping in your workout attire. Get up and get straight to gym for exercise. Such kind of small changes in your daily routine like setting your alarm clock away from your bed will be useful to live a healthy lifestyle.

Choose Gym, Choose Health & Reward your self –

Choose Gym & Choose Health


I keep myself inspired to go regular gym by rewarding myself. Every time you shed those extra pounds, treat yourself with a new dress or anything else you want as reward for you.

When I exercise in gym, I feel my existence in some other world. I feel refreshed and energised by following everyday my fitness routine.


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