Digital India Movement – A Different Thought.

imgresDigital India – An illusion or reality ?

Many people are advocating advantages of digital India over its disadvantage. These words are floating in the air and spreading the image of a sustainable growth.  The Indian educated middle class is curious, and dreaming of a better future.  They have decided to grow wealth through trade, manufacturing, or share bazaars.  Basically, the ease of accessing any digital platform and gathering information has definitely helped us to be active mentally and accumulate wealth.  We define people as being wealthy if they own a car, a flat, a handful bank balance, and if they portray a lifestyle that is larger than life.  Advertisement

What is happiness today?

The meaning of happiness has changed nowadays.  To me happiness is spending a weekend trip with my spouse and kid.  Perfect happiness.  Even if I fail to book a weekend trip, at least spending time in a multiplex and dining at a beautiful cozy restaurant definitely reenergises me.  This is a perfect lifestyle for me especially in today’s urban culture.

Through the eyes of Young Indians:

We live in a time where urban young generation is more comfortable in the virtual world.  We own more friends in the virtual world than reality.  We spend more time with social networking sites compared to our kids.  We prefer paying through a credit card, than a debit card.  Soft banking has become an easy alternative transaction method.  E-commerce industries are growing with time, but not overnight.  Orthodox business houses are slowly opening their online portals.  At least one-tenth of the consumers are currently availing the benefit of new-age digital wallet and payment methods.

Reason: The reason isn’t that the old-banking system or payment methods are old-fashioned; but they are indeed time-consuming.  Personally, I have inclined towards digital banking and online utility payment because it has brought back my comfort zone.  In the last five years of my consumer banking experience I have rarely visited any branch.  Likewise in urban societies, 30 percent of consumers I believe have accustomed themselves to the digital platform.  The vision of PM Narendra modi’s Digital India is a gradual process which cannot be forced upon a consumer, nor be manufactured overnight.  As a matter of fact, with the course of time India will become digital and strengthen the country. Advertisement

Digital India In My View:

We as Human Being are a digital platform, where we receive analog signals and convert them into electrical impulses and frequencies.  Any problem inside this digital web, however critical it might be, surfaces as a symptom and we call it as a disease.  We treat our body accordingly to eradicate the root cause, not symptoms.  So, the beauty of a natural digital platform is transparency, which doesn’t hide anything nor has the potential to hide anything. The same beauty of transparency is reflecting in this man-made digital platform. And the beauty of this man-made system is that it corrects automatically like a river finds its path without hammering the stone, but corroding the stone.  This is going to be a part of our life in the near future, and whether we like it or not we will be forced to place ourselves in this new-age man-made digital platform.  Because it is an irreversible process, which we have started following irrespective of political and financial ideology. Advertisement

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