These Facts about Showering will Make You Feel Dirty.


Watch this interesting video to know some unknown facts about bathing hygiene.


• Your soap bar can be covered in bacteria, because leaving your soap sitting in water between uses causes a rise in bacteria multiplying.




• Loofas and wash rags may be good for exfoliating dead skin but they do harbor a lot of bacteria
• Antibacterial soap can lead to the rise of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.




• Some showerheads are covered in bacteria that can be sprayed on you when the shower is turned on. Often times people don’t think to clean their shower heads
• Soap or gel? Well depends on the ingredients, dermatologists recommend mild cleansers that have less ingredients.
• Dermatologists recommend not using a scrubber to minimize that possibility of dry skin and bacteria spreading.




• FDA found no evidence that antibacterial soap is better than regular soap.
• Dermatologists recommend that you shower only when you feel like you need to because over-bathing can strip your body of the good bacteria, which results in fry and cracked skin.
• Men shed a significant amount more dirt inside their own clothing that they do in the shower.

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