Fitness Resolution for 2017

How to Get a Flat Stomach & Small Waist

Last year I set a fitness resolution to get the flat tummy and no fat around my waist and arms. But I couldn’t stick to my goal. In mid of my journey somewhere I lost my goal and quit. Why am I telling you my story? I am writing this one to encourage you that you are not alone in the journey of fitness and setting the goal to stick to your fitness routine and exercise. This year I analyzed that why so happened? Why couldn’t I achieve fitness goal? Here are some reasons and their solutions, maybe also yours:-

Fitness Resolution for 2017

Last year fitness resolution activity no 1-

Eating in measured proportion not more than 2000 calories/day

2017 Fitness Goal – Counting on calories intake and measuring portions of food is really boring. We have to be kind to our tummy. This year I will be having everything that I good for my body and its fitness like steamed veggies, fresh fruits and juices to detoxification for the body.

Fitness Resolution for 2017

Last year fitness resolution activity no 2-

Taking 5,000 steps every day

2017 Fitness Goal – Motive of being fit can be fulfilled by other ways also by jobbers. We just have to make some difference in our sedentary jobs lifestyle. It is advised to take stairs instead of lift or escalators and moving around after every 45 minutes in office for not gaining weight sitting all the day in office.

Fitness Resolution for 2017

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Last year fitness resolution activity no 3-

Hitting the Gym 5 days a week

2017 Fitness Goal – It is difficult for jobbers to get time for continuing with the gym membership as their schedule is so much busy especially for working moms. So this year instead of making fitness goal for hitting the gym 5 days a week, better to make some changes in lifestyle – these changes can be 15 minutes morning or evening walk, 15 minutes yoga in morning, eating right, breathing deeply, drinking a lot of water and watching what you eat.

Fitness Resolution for 2017

Last year fitness resolution activity no 4-

Joining some Aerobics or Zumba Class

2017 Fitness Goal – In the morning we just wake up from the bed and get ready heading to the office. I would like to prefer stretching my body at home whenever I get 5-10 free from my busy schedule.

Fitness Resolution for 2017

I hope all of these New Year fitness resolutions will help you also to get fit body this year.

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