Frustrated with partner.Watch out for these 5 mistakes you could be making


We all want to fall in love and find that one special person who will hold our hands for the rest of our lives. However somehow these days the over inflated egos and stress of jobs is leading to many relationships ending even before they can blossom. Most of the couples try their best to work hard to make things work but things just fall apart and ending the relationship seems the only option left.


Love has now become only a convenience feeling which comes and goes as the partners, please. Some people chose to continue their relationships in fear of societal pressures and sometimes for kids. But they also know that there is no love in their relationship and some of them tend to adopt the wrong way to get the love back in their lives.

Apart from love relationships strife can also be seen in regular friendships and parents and kid relationships as well. While both may be correct in their way of handling the issue there seems to be some hidden barrier which is stopping them from living together happily. A happy family has become an illusion and most children grow with the craving of getting ample love and affection from their parents. People attribute all this friction to the hectic work schedules and the non-adjusting nature of people.


So is that what is wrong here.Somebody disagrees and that is our very dear Superwoman  who really loves giving her opinion on everything under the sun. According to here, there are 5 mistakes that we make in our relationships. She believes that if we stop making these errors we will be able to finally understand how to handle our relationships better. So is she right, watch the video and let us know your opinion on whether you agree or disagree with her.

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