Generation Gap – Parent, Are You Facing Trouble?

Generation Gap An Old Age Problem

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Generation Gap has become a common problem in our society.

Actually, Generation Gap has been floating in air since 1960’s.  We have told this to our parents.  And now our kids are discussing the same.  But one should ask the reason – Are we responsible?

Mostly, the answer is “YES”.  We have stopped learning.  So, our brain is now betraying.  We have learned since our childhood – the more we use our brain more it excels.  Sadly enough, we forget those old teachings.  We are taught to study to get a job, to get married, to produce kids.  In this process of aging we gain insecurity, and finally grow old to ask the favour of God.

In this fast-paced world where technology is changing radically we could not afford to stop learning.  To cope up with technology we need to continue to educate ourselves.  Learning is a process that we should not forget.  More we learn more we become confident.  Even we can think faster than a kid if we don’t stop learning.  This is the advantage we have – our age and experience.

Few simple techniques to cut down generation gap:

  • Do not stop reading, specially information based news.
  • Try to update yourself with technology.
  • Do not settle in your journey of learning.
  • Mix with your kids as a friend so that they can share new thoughts with you.
  • Free your mind and be out of fear, because a fearless mind can overpower insecurity.
  • Please be a part of the social transformation, because everything cannot be negative.
  • Finally, do not forget technology is an application of someone else’s wisdom.  You are wise enough to handle life, so you can handle a technology.

To avoid generation gap conflict:

With age; we grow old.  Our energy level slows down.  Still we pretend to be strong to handle a situation.  But the best thing is to hand over the baton to your next generation.

Let you child face the world, let them gain confidence within.  To develop confidence we need to pay respect to them since their child hood, and keep them involve in the process of decision-making.  So that on time you can pass on the torch.

The other reason that we should consider is developing values and culture in our own family.  Because values, cultures, and spirituality are like probiotic which help us to be good and stay healthy even in a tough situation.

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