Handling breakup… When You Still Love her/him

Many people complain about the pain and physical hardship they go through during their life, however, believe me it is nothing compared to the pain you face as an outcome of a heartbreak. For once your physical pain and hurt may heal but the pain inflicted on your soul keeps coming back to haunt you. However the situation is not so grim, here are some ways to come out of this misery.


1) Avoid the guilt trip

Whatever happened was obviously the other person’s choice and you cannot do anything about. Do not consider this as your loss. If your relationship had been strong enough you would have been able to survive the turmoil. This event has nothing to do with your inabilities or in capabilities so do not consider yourself as the wrongdoer.

2) Acceptance

The outcome of any relationship is mostly uncertain until unless the bond is very strong. Keep this thought in mind that you had an equal probability of staying together or drifting apart. Do not let the negative voices in your head overcome your rational mind. The thing is over and you must try your best to move on. Do not try and reach out to the other person by sending messages or contacting through common friends as these only shows your desperation and make you look like a loser.

3) You can be sad too

If it was a long term relationship chances are you would have shared some good times together. These memories are bound to make you sad and pensive at times .You can think about them, there is no harm in it, however, do not mull over it for a very long time .Life is too short to fret over a broken relationship so move on and let it be.


4) Distract yourself

If you have any hobby or passion then devote your entire time and effort towards developing it.If you will keep busy, those past memories will slowly fade away from your mind. For travel buffs, this is the right time to pack the bags and make a visit to the place where you always wanted to go to. The crux is to forget the negative aspect and take the positive part and move ahead in life..

5) Have faith

Do not lose hope with life and its outcomes. Your future would be largely better than what phase you are in provided you believe and do not give up. It is your life you can either make it or break tithe choice is completely yours .However, if you eagerly wait for the future to unfold its surprise you might finally get the kind of person you always wanted. Trust in life and let it move you in the right direction at this time.


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