Jim Carrey as Life Coach To Graduate Students At MUM-could be your Success Mantra

 5 Tips That Can Be Your Success Mantras…                                                   

Most of us have seen Tom Shadyac directed “Bruce Almighty” in 2003.  We can still recall Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan and Morgan Freeman as God.  Jim Carrey as Bruce was awesome.  His acting, especially his fun understanding and romance, in this movie had been a wonderful experience to all of us.   In the end he understood love and received blessings from Almighty.  One of the fabulous comedy movie that I have watched.  Fun and learn filled movie, which I enjoyed a lot.  Morgan Freeman in the character of Almighty or Life Coach was attractive and mind-blowing.

Anyway, coming to a motivational speech of Jim Carrey.  This speech was delivered in MUM or Maharshi University of Management (https://www.mum.edu).  The key notes are as follows…


Life Doesn’t Happen To You, It Is For You:

This allows us to fight against odd, and helps us to win against adverse situation.  Moment we face anything we should think it is for me.  This is the way we deal with it positively whether or not it is positive for me.  We find courage and willpower to love life and deal it with bravery. Furthermore, we proceed accordingly.

Decision Based On Love Or Fear:

We have a natural tendency to be protective, and this creates a layer of Fear within us.  Through this Fear we can be protective, but through Love we can win on Life.  Victory is the final destination.  The positive aura of love helps us to win anything anyone at any moment. So it is better to love than fear. The fear factor is one of the main reason why most people fail to achieve their dreams.

Do What You Love:

Through our protective nature we cannot cross the limit of self, but through love we can go beyond our potent.  Thought we limit ourselves through fear, but the opportunity is infinite.  Listening to your heart drives you to act along with the Universe.  It helps you to achieve what you want, not what you need.  The fight between need and want is based on this factor – Do What You Love.  Because this will lead you to win over life.

Effect You Have On Other Is The Most Valuable Currency:

It is valuable to win the heart of people you meet.  Once you win, rest of the life he is yours.  The aura of pleasure and love mingled if you can win people.  Even winning the love of a Dog matters.  The reason is simple – Love generates love, nothing else.  And the conversion of love reflects on your being.


Hope Walks Through The Fire, And Faith Leaps Over It:

This reminds me Oracle’s dialogue in Matrix Reloaded:  “No no… I did not know, but I believed.”  

Yes, faith lead you to believe on you, and rest is the miracle.  This miracle leaps over fire, not walks through the fire.  

Thank you Jim Carrey for reminding us – Choose Love, Don’t Allow Fear To Play Against Your Heart.

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