Do you know these lovemaking facts which are true and unthinkable.

When you look over the internet about lovemaking facts and myths you can find many articles which may lead to confusion. However some lovemaking facts of life which are true and unbelievable.

BuzzFeedVideo has come up with a viral video that has proved 14 lovemaking facts of life are true which were unbelievable till now.

These 11 lovemaking facts of life are proved to be true now and which are unbelievable.



  1. According to the national Bureau of economics research lovemaking makes people as happy as earning $100,000.
  1. 51% of women have had orgasms while doing crunches.
  1. The typical lovemaking session burn 144 calories or more if you are really putting it down.
  1. Sperm travels at 28 Miles per hour. It contains anti-wrinkling properties. Also zinc and Calcium which fight tooth decay.
  1. A man’s dominant hand is the side of his shortest hanging testicle. Left handed = right hanger. This is so they don’t strike each other when moving.
  1. You are more likely to meet orgasm with warm feet.
  1. Complete sexual inactivity may cause penis size reduction, so if you don’t use it, you might actually loos it 🙂
  1. The Inventor of Kellogg’s corn Flakes believed that his cereal would fight the urge to masturbate.
  1. Strippers make more money while ovulating, due to releasing sexual stimulating PHEREMONES.
  1. 42% of couple thinks they have better chances of seeing Bigfoot than climaxing at the same time.
  1. AGALMATOPHILLIAis the sexual attraction to the mannequins and statues. The first documented case was in 1877

I can’t ensure you that all these facts are correct or not so i would like to comment on these sex facts of life by scrolling below.

Credit: Buzzfeed


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