Learn the art of reading people’s mind in some simple steps.

Tricks to read someone's mind by looking at their gestures

Tricks to read someone’s mind by looking at their gestures:

how to read anyone

In today’s world there is a lot of disintegration of relationships and the number of betrayals and heartbreaks is on the rise. It is hard to say who succeeds more at being deceitful as both men and women have mastered the art of living with a permanent mask on their faces. On the first glance the person may seem keen to know more about you but in reality he might be just figuring out ways to use that information later on for his benefit.
This problem arises more so in workplaces where people use all kind of techniques to move up the career ladder. Even if it means using unscrupulous methods to do so they do not shy away. Most office conflicts are the result of such devious methods used to move ahead. A person who is able to manipulate his seniors and colleagues moves up while his counterpart in spite of being qualified loses out on some good opportunities.
Apart from this even in love relationships and marriage too sometimes it is tough to figure out how much the other person is willing to forego to keep the relationship intact. This has been leading to more break ups and marriages ending even before the couples get a chance to know each other.
Many people who have faced these setbacks later go on a guilt trip as to why they were unable to understand the other person’s intentions on time and blame themselves for being ignorant. For such people we have the answer to their problems. The video is a compilation of simple tricks on how to read a person’s mind in the initial stages of introduction itself.



These tricks are very simple and anyone can follow and implement them. Go through the entire video produced by Charisma on Command and understand how you can save yourself from being duped by people who claim to be your well-wishers. Also do let us know how helpful it was in being able to read someone’s mind beforehand.


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