Life is a strategy game … play it well

Life is a game of strategy

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We all have heard the saying that life is a game so play it along. The game starts from childhood itself when we are assigned a random character and some circumstances .In the initial 15 years, there is not much strategizing that we can do. However, the fight starts when we cross that threshold .Let’s read further on about how best to plan your game as per the stage you are in.

Young adults

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This is the stage when you have lots of energy and time but little or no experience. Also the time when you have to upgrade your skills continuously. Since you have ample time you should have no problems in doing so. However, the problem lies in the fact that sometimes our body does not listen to our commands. In that case here are some tips to make it obey you.

  • Take care of yourself and ensure that you keep the morale high.
  • If you have multiple tasks to do divide them in order of priority. Don’t try to do all hectic tasks at once as it will hassle you unnecessarily.
  • Find out which skills are the most important for you to focus on. Dabbling in too many things at one time will cause you to lose interest in all of them.
  • Understand that your location and environment will also have an impact on your choice of skills.

Midlife stage

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This is the stage when you would most likely start looking for a partner and build up your career as well. If you feel your location is hampering your success move on to a suitable one at this point in your life. To find a suitable partner understand that relationships start with attraction and if you want a stable one you need to present yourself that ways. If your skills are good and you are confident about yourself then you probably are already very attractive.80 % of the effort to finding a good partner should go into finding ways to make yourself presentable .Rest 20% goes into being at the right place at the right time and hence meeting your choice of people.

The second part applies to earning money. Initially, it may take the time to be able to gain success in this field and you might have to make a few adjustments. However following the below tips will help you be able to make a break.

  • Do not pay too much attention to making money. Spend as per your means and save a little for the time of exigencies.
  • Pick up a job and location carefully. If need be make regular shifts to gain the required jump in salary. You will have to put in the time to match your skills, however, be careful to not burn yourself up.
  • Understand that if you want to get filthy rich then you won’t be able to do that by working for others. Start your own business after you have gained the regular expertise for the same. If you have learned the skills of managing this well chance are you will be able to make headway soon.

Later life

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You have probably succeeded by now and are happily married. The issues of past have been replaced by more focus on children and spouses problems. By this time you might have gained enough experience and skills to even explore things which would have been non-achievable in the past. This is also the time to stay happy and bask in the glory of all that you have been able to get.

The initial stages of your game had no control over what was going to transpire. The same situation applies in the later stage also because by now you cannot change whatever has happened. Your past will decide how you can take the coming days of your life and it is up to you how to gain maximum out of this phase.



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