Make every day a happy day!! Hello Happy Day…


All of us like to have that perfect happy day. We want to start happy and end the day on a happy note too but wait!! How many of us really work towards making it happen? Making it? How can you make something happen… Is not something that just happens? The answer is NO… You my friend make your day go the way you want it to. It’s you who alters life the way you want it to be. We just ignore ourselves and crib blaming so many external factors… Let’s get practical if you are not bothered about yourself then who will? Why would someone be? So let’s get down to work and recall on what factors could help us choose to have a better and happier day!! 

  1. Wake up and continue to dream:

Continue working on that dream that you have either just had or have been thinking of.  You don’t need to stop dreaming just because you have woken up. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled so prioritize and start working on it.

  1. Learn to let go and forgive:

Sometimes it’s good to let go of small things and spend that time on things that matters more to you. Petty things like traffic, sibling fight, ungrateful people, or anything silly should not be given a damn sometimes. You will be only loosing valuable time instead spend it on what will make you happy. Hit the gym, go out on a walk, watch a video, talk to a friend, or go get a coffee, do whatever makes you happy.

  1. Learn to Smile:

It’s the most powerful tool to mend any problem. If you think what possibly a smile could do then try it someday. Smile at everyone you cross path with and see how it feels by the end of the day. You would have indirectly made yourself happy. What’s the harm in trying when it costs NOTHING!!

  1. Live in the present:

You need to cherish your present to enjoy life. Enjoy every moment that life has to offer you today. Do what will make you happy and give you a feeling of content. Stop worrying about people and do not let them drive your life. People always will have something to say no matter what good or bad you do.

  1. Spend time:

Being able to spend time with loved ones is the most fortunate thing anyone could have. Some people don’t even realize how blessed they are due to priorities. Learn to prioritize and spend time with family and friends so that you won’t feel sorry later. Giving your time to someone is a very rewarding act. Share time and love.



  1. Have positive people around you:

Life is about the choices you make. Surround yourself with positive people. There could be people around you who would love to see you fall but do not satisfy them. Just put your head up high no matter what and stand tall.

  1. Acceptance:

Accept yourself for who you are. Have gratitude for yourself. There is no another person like you. No matter what you look like adore and embrace yourself with pride. Situations can change in life since nothing in this world is certain so take life as it comes. Everyday shall pass and make every days experience count.

  1. Be a kid:

If you wish to jump into puddles don’t give it a second thought just do it. Stop worrying too much. Never try to fit in to what you’re not comfortable with. Put yourself first after all you are pretty much the most important person you know.

  1. Appreciate:

To be happy is to also recognize what you have, what you have achieved, and being content of what you are. If you wish to be more there is nothing wrong you have come a long way in life so the other things could be achieved too. Always appreciate yourself for having done big or small things.

  1. End your day:

Just like how you start your day right there has to be an ending too. Go through your day about all you have done and achieved. What you would like to do the next day and in the days to come. Having plans gives you a lot of control over your life. Do at least 1 thing a day for yourself. Go to bed with positivity.


Do as you wish and make your surrounding a happy place to be. We all want to be happy don’t we? Have a GOOD DAY!!


image: Army Medicine ,Richard foster

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