Noisy Kid, Noisy Home – How To Manage

Confused ? Hit your Kid ?

Confused ? Hit your Kid ?

Yesterday one of my friend complaining about herself only.  Because she has hit her son and not feeling good. This happens to all of us, especially when we are in pressure.  Sometimes even family members criticize about a kid in front of their mother and make her angry.  A kid doesn’t realize all these.  He doesn’t understand social emotions.  Nor he has all the ridiculous burden of maintaining a social relationship.  So, he is mentally free.  Thus, he can behave as he feels.  For this, you cannot hit the kid to stop his stubbornness.  Even this creates annoyance in your sweet home.

Searching for a solution?

Yes… coming to the point.  Even I too have a stubborn kid.  Today sharing all the tricks that I have applied to transform him into a sweet little boy.

Few Steps That Create Magic:

  • Praise your kid as much as you can.  Hug him often.  Use the sentence repeatedly – I love you.
  • Early morning jogging in a park, spending a quality time with your kid, and creating a neat and clean feel-good home.
  • Indirectly divert your kid from watching television.  Engage in a creative process.
  • Storytelling, painting, cooking are three beautiful habits to enhance meditative quality.
  • Discuss with your kid when possible on any subject.  Importance helps to grow confidence.
  • Please do not curse anyone in front of your kid.  And do not bring your office at home.

Few Reasons of His annoyance:

  • Your kid is hungry and feeling sleepy.
  • School teacher is not treating properly.
  • Daycare problem if your kid is in daycare.
  • Parents are not patient listeners.

Few Subtle Steps to Make a Sweet Home:

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  • Keep camphor inside your bed.  The fragrance of camphor helps to remove the negative aura.
  • Put drops of Eucalyptus oil in a cotton and keep in every corner of your sweet home.
  • Imagine beautiful images of your sweet home in your mind every morning.
  • Avoid spicy junk food and have a healthy diet.
  • Pray regularly with all family members before going to bed. 

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