Not To Laugh Challenge!!! 7 Funniest Kids Videos that can fix your bad mood right now…


Why do people love babies so much?

Yes they look cute and  absolutely adorable.They are wonderful creatures.

After all the baby didn’t learn how to be a bad person yet so  they are very sweet.

They give unconditinal love and we like the emotions that they make us feel. That’s why being around babies makes so many adults feel good and relaxed. Their chubby cheeks,  cute little giggles ,tiny fingers, smell just after a shower , simple talk and their sparkling eyes are what makes anyone fall for them.

Watch some of these best videos of babies which makes you feel better immediately if you are a person who likes babies.


Learn how to say Fire Truck from this kid:

Video published  by headmutha in year 2006 got more than 56 million views. Want to know why? Play the below video.


2 year old dancing the jive:

This sweet little 2 old year old boy stole hearts at a young age! He is a star. Watch below video by Studie43

The best gangnam style ever:

Little girl Amaya sleeps peacefully…until her favorite song comes on! Now she is as famous as PSY!. Below video by bigrob357


Mom’s Song is so Touching:

!!! PRICELESS !!! 10 Months Baby Crying With Emotions When Mother Sings. Watch this is so heartwarming video by Tigran Madoyan

Twins Putting Themselves to Bed :

These two twins are soooo adorable!!!.  To know how easy it is to put them to bed,watch below video published by Family Fun Pack

One of the Best Kids Dance:

Adorable 3 year old is a happy dancer clip by DramaFever

Funny Kids Vines Compilation 2016 :

OMG …40 million views for the below video published by All Of Vines .Then you must watch not to miss the fun.


If you like these videos then comment below so that we could research and bring you such best videos. Stay Happy Stay Healthy .


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