Why most people FEAR to follow & ACHIEVE their DREAMS


Life is a journey for many of them. It is believed that our destiny is decided by God and our road map to reach that destiny is also decided. If everything is pre determined then where we are lacking? What are the things which are holding us back on our path to success? Here we need to analyze and introspect ourselves to find out the reasons.


fear of failure

When we are born our mind is so sharp and grasps all things at a pace. Our mind achieves what it perceives. In Child hood we have no limitations and boundaries to our imagination and creativity. We believe that we are Super Hero in comic movies. As we are growing the conditioning started from our parents, peers and relatives. Like “Don’t go there, don’t do this, don’t do that “. Gradually our mind is conditioned to think as per the commands given from outside the world. It loses its natural creativity and interest to learn new things, so our life becomes dull and meaningless. Because we lose enthusiasm, enthusiasm is contagious. It gives meaning to the life.

We have to realize the purpose of our life at early stage. Finding the purpose of life is real success. When we realize our purpose in life we are aligned with the nature, everything falling in to place. We have to chase our dreams to make them in to reality. Nothing ever great has been achieved without perseverance. We have to face many challenges to convert our dreams in to reality. In the process God will test in many ways to know our commitment and patience, finally he reward with great results those who endures.


Fear of failure is the main hurdle to cross in achieving our goals or dreams. It is the biggest and foremost reason why 90% of us fail in our lives. We have a dream, goal and purpose in life but we can’t achieve it. Because we give-up before trying it or stop in midway facing the problems or Challenges, or we didn’t stick till the end…We never give our best to get the results. So ultimately we end up with failure and putting blame on circumstances and people around us. We didn’t take responsibility to our failures. The ability to take responsibility makes us as winner. It is the winning trait we have to acquire to be successful in life.

Our mind will achieve what we believe. So belief system has more impact on our success. We have to believe in ourselves in our own efforts and abilities to succeed in life. If we have unwavering belief and faith in ourselves we can achieve all our dreams and succeed in life.

fear of failure

“The mind is everything, what we think we become” by Buddha. So always we have to think like a winner to win every battle of Life. Try to avoid negative throughts and focus on positive throughts every moment.

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