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Joint Family Culture

Joint Family

More and more a culture is disappearing from our life – Joint Family.  Yes, someone may be happy some are not, but in the end, we recall our old days.  Before starting this discussion we need to understand what relationship is …

A relationship is an automated civilized consciousness that gives us a sense of togetherness, though we are alone.  I know it is sounding a bit philosophical, but we cannot avoid the truth.  The sense of loneliness doesn’t help you to grow as a beautiful human being.  Sharing and caring nature will help you to come closer to the universal bondage of love.  Recently I have learned a word Hormesis.  In toxicology, a small dose of a toxic agent can be a stimulus or beneficial, and a high dose can act as an inhibitor.  Joint family is simply like Hormesis.  Dose needs to be figured out.


Impacts of Joint Family:

Kids & Teens:

Joint Family

  • You are getting a lot of friends inside a family who shares and cares about you.
  • Except Parent, there are other family members, whom you can approach in crisis.  Especially, your elder brother and sisters.
  • Kids are maintaining same lifestyle irrespective of parent’s income, which is fit for that family.
  • If the kid is not lucky enough he might face the reverse of all these.

Young Members:

  • A bunch of preachers always following you to prove their prudence.
  • Unfathomable wisdom and unbelievable stories might drop into your life.
  • A sweet grandfather and a sweeter grandmother and if your luck favours then a sensible Aunty.
  • If you are newly married, your private life is a bit difficult, but stealing opportunities always give pleasure.

Adults & Aged:

Joint Family

  • Respect is mostly related to age, not quality.
  • One might earn a lot, but cannot have personal priorities.
  • Serenity and privacy seems like a word of fiction.
  • Your lifestyle gets reflected in your successors.  Believe and learn on the beauty of sweet words.  The way you give it comes back to you in the same manner.

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