Priyanka Chopra’s Reliance Jio SIM application form is real or fake?


With the launch of  Reliance Jio 4G SIM, now data tariff plans become cheap and new level of competition started after BSNL released their plan to provide data for Rs one. Now everyone queued up and heading to Reliance digital store to fill the application form and get a SIM. With the high demand and low supply only lucky people can get it one.

According to Mukesh Ambani, it will be the cheapest data plan and customer no need to pay more than Rs 50 for 1 GB data. Also he mentioned data will be free until the end of December 2016. It is really great news for Indian consumers.

This is news to cheer for public. But what happened to rich Priyanka to apply for the cheap data plan?

Bollywood heroin  and Quantico  movie star .Priyanka Chopra’s Reliance Jio 4G Sim Application Form is going viral on the internet, made more publicity for Reliance Jio.

Now is this real or market gimmick by Reliance to get more publicity? I leave it to you after going through below tweet .

Recently, a few days ago, Priyanka tweeted congratulating Mukesh  Ambani team for bringing up such an amazing tariff plans. Look at the below tweet from Priyanka.



Below is the Priyanka Chopra’s Reliance Jio Sim Application Form,


Although authenticity of Priyanka Chopra’s Reliance Jio Application Form is not confirmed but form showing her passport number, photograph and address.  The cross signature on the photo are becoming discussion point. Till now Priyanka not spoke anything on this matter in the media. Hope she will clarify it soon to end the speculation.



Image Credit: Celebratiabc, Flickr, Creative commons license.


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