How to raise your kids in order for them to be intelligent

Every mothers dream is to have kids who are intelligent and have sharp brains. Am here by writing to help all mothers out there on how to raise their kids so that they can be intelligent kids. This not only involve implementing things on the child, the parent also will have some roles top play as you will shortly learn. After reading this am so sure every mother’s dream will come true and am hoping it will benefit all.


Making the children work.

Children are a treasure to their mothers. That is one thing that we all know. Some mothers will not allow their children take part in any activity because they fear that they might get injured. When a child is allowed to take part in very minor activities that are well suited for them, they acquire knowledge on how to carry out activities when young therefore as they grow they will have already acquired what is required of a task and this improves their thinking capacity. Some mothers help their children with the school homework which is not good at all. The child will be happy that he or she has good grades in the assignment and will not work hard to up the grades because he or she knows that the mother is there to help with the assignment. This action by the parents results to a child being a dunderhead. Children should be allowed to do some work in order to learn, contribute and have a vast idea of what they can do better than the other.

Love their ideas

Mothers always want to see their kid smiling and the kids also like to make their mother happy though they may not be able to express it as an adult would do. Mothers should not deny their children permission to do something without a good reason. Many parents just have too much fear of losing their children. When a child notices a parent likes what he or she does, the child will put more effort towards the action. Example is if a child enquirers to cook or not, the mother should allow him or her but be there to offer guidance. This way the child will develop positive attitude towards the work and his or her intelligence will be boosted.


Hold on to your word

Mothers in some cases they are disappointed in a child but because they don’t want to make the child sad, they allow them to do things that are not good. This way the child will not be able to know what is bad or good or what should be done and what should not be done. A mother should punish or put in place discipline measures on a child to make sure that the child has discipline and has knowledge of the bad and the goods.

Whatsoever the case a mother should not change her mind just because she doesn’t want the child to be mad at her. A disciplined child has good morals and termed as intelligent.

Explore their talent.

A talent is an activity that one likes doing and it’s his or her best. A child cannot be able to know their individual talent since they are very young. Therefore mothers should closely monitor the activities of their children and discover them for whom they are.

For every child’s care lies upon his or mother. When children do what they like most it’s the responsibility of the parent to support him or her fully, because that talent  can give him a fortune in life. Some children may be poor in studies but good in games or singing, it’s the responsibility of the parent to support the child and fully involve him or her in the talent of his own.

After discovering, they should help the children practice them. These way children are able to engage all their minds in the talent since they already recognize it through the help of their mother. Therefore mothers should explore and nature the talent of their children.


See them for who they are

Some mothers dislike their children because they are not capable of doing this or that thing. Mothers love to a child is the core thing in a child-parent relationship and therefore if a child is not given enough love he or she will end up having her/himself. This way a child will be psychologically troubled and this will definitely influence his or her thinking. Such child will remain retarded in the mind and will not grow as an intelligent child. Therefore mothers should share their children all the love, care and protection. This way the child will feel valued and will live a happy life and grow intellectually.


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