Rangoon Movie Trailer :Shahid Kapoor’s film is all about war, love and deceit

Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan starrer Rangoon Movie

Releasing on 24th, February 2017


After Haider, Vishal Bharadwaj again coming up with a new movie “Rangoon“.  This time a love story brewed in the period of Independence.  Time – 1944 World War II, Location – Rangoon. Rangoon is a part of Burma and at that time was a corridor to freedom fighters.  Director has chosen to portray a love story based in a freedom fighting environment.  This movie has an ample scope to make a periodic love story.  Hope the Director is going to fulfill our expectation.  

We like Vishal Bharadwaj film because of his sensibility, his presentation, and especially music.  In this trailer, we have sensed those factors.

The other reason, in India, we have a natural inclination of transforming every genre into a love story.  This movie also has a love triangle in a freedom fight environment.  Love is our common goal.  Rather, we can say a safe goal.

Now coming to the visual quality.  The first shot of the Fighter Airplanes and the Bombings are good.  Though we have seen several Hollywood shots like this.  Overall Visual Effects look impressive.  Dance sequence is nicely lit and well-balanced visually.  But it has given the flavor of contemporary light arrangements.  


  • Director is especially known for a different kind of Visual presentation, Music, and Content.  So our expectations are always high.
  • Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranawat has shown their natural talent. Saif Ali Khan is a perfect choice.
  • Bloody Hell Song already has become popular.  It has generated a hit of almost 10 million on YouTube.
  • Art Direction and Camera Work has become a complementary to each other.



  •  This movie doesn’t have any Super Star.  So pulling a movie in this current scenario is a bit troublesome, though Dangal has proved us wrong.
  • Other than triangular love story we were expecting something on World War II, but trailer said – again a love story.  
  • From a Director of his caliber, we expect a content like “The Railway Man” in Hindi.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  A must-watch movie based on Burma “THE RAILWAY MAN.



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