Reliance Jio 4G review: Things to Know before buying a new SIM.

With the launch of the Jio 4G service Indian public are happy with the promise of an affordable data plan and free service (Data, Voice, message, Video) until  31 December 2016.


The service and its plan has already gathered enough publicity and hype because of its low pricing and news like Priyanka chopra application form going viral on the social media.

Now everyone is  hoping to get a Jio SIM card which is been given for free from Sept 5th at any Reliance Digital, Reliance Digital Xpress, and Reliance Digital Xpress mini store branches across India.

Highlights of Reliance Jio offer:

  • Jio sim will be available from September 5th.
  • All Services will be free of cost until 31st Dec 2016.
  • Starting January 2017, you will have to pay for data but voice call charges will remain free.(Read further to know about the tariff plans)

Before making the decision to buy the SIM, Please understand the below information to make a wise decision.

  • Your phone should support 4G connectivity in order to be able to use the Jio SIM. Older phones which only support 3G will not work.
  • Jio is using data connection to make calls (just like whatsapp, skype call). Therefore when you call other operator numbers (Airtel, Vodafone, BSNl etc.)  there could be some chances of call failure.
  • If you are a student then you will get 25% more data (For Rs 50 you will get 1.25GB instead of 1GB). Use your student ID card to purchase the SIM. Others will need to provide a copy of  your Aadhar card to avail the SIM.
  • You will have to download the “My Jio” app and check for Jio 4G availability in your location before applying for the SIM. ( Read further to know about installing Jio app)
  • LYF supported handset: Its VoLTE phones offered by Reliance brand is available with Jio SIM and preloaded Reliance Jio apps . This is the easiest way to get the SIM.But the problem with it is that the Jio sim card you get with your new LYF handset is locked to that handset only and you can only enjoy the unlimited benefits(unlimited Data + Call+ SMS) for 90 days on that particular handset only.
  • Speed of Jio Data Service is not same for all places. Some are getting 25+ Mbps or even 40+ Mbps download speed and some are getting only 5+ Mbps download speed in their location and upload speed of 3 Mbps.
  • App called Jio Play ,which is really good ,gives lot of HD TV channels for free watching on Mobile, Laptop or TV.
  • If you own any other phone apart from the LYF,then you will be eligible for a Free Jio SIM, All you need to do is just download the “MyJio” App on your device and generate a code. Go to  a nearest Reliance Digital/Mini Express Store and show them the code and claim your free Jio Sim .

Below is the  full breakdown of the Reliance Jio postpaid plans.

  • Rs. 149 Jio plan – 300MB 4G data + 750MB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 499 Jio plan – 4GB 4G data + 8GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 999 Jio plan – 10GB 4G data + 20GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 1,499 Jio plan – 20GB 4G data + 40GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 2,499 Jio plan – 35GB 4G data + 70GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 3,999 Jio plan – 60GB 4G data + 120GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)
  • Rs. 4,999 Jio plan – 75GB 4G data + 150GB Wi-Fi (hotspots) + unlimited night usage (from 2AM to 5AM)

Reliance Jio Plans (Postpaid)


Note: Unlimited at Night pertains to data used between 2am – 5am.

More information refer on website of Jio Life website


Method for activating Jio SIM on your Smartphone

  • If you have any of the 4G LTE support phones, then download the MyJio app from Google Play Store.
  • Install the application and open to check if the installation is completed.
  • Close the My Jio app.
  • Disconnect your Internet Connection/Wifi & Open My jio app.
  • On opening the MyJio app, click on ‘Get Jio sim’ button on the home screen.
  • A popup will appear – There is no Internet Connection.
  • Click back and connect with internet then again click on Get Jio Sim.
  • The app will generate a unique coupon code and barcode which is valid for three weeks. It also gives you a list of Reliance Digital and Digital Xpress Mini store.
  • Visit any of the Reliance Digital or DX Mini Store in your area for claiming the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM.
  • Make sure you take a copy of valid Photo ID and Aadhaar Card along with 2 passport size photographs.
  • Carry your smartphone with you to the store in case they ask you to show it.
  • Once you have a Jio 4G SIM, insert it into the same Phone which you used to claim the offer.
  • Activate the Jio 4G SIM by calling 1977.
  • Once your Jio 4G SIM is activated, go to the MyJio App and register to avail the three months Jio 4G preview offer.

Considering the current long wait for the SIM,the easiest way to get Jio 4G is to buy a LYF handset from the Reliance store. Another option is to port your number with Reliance Jio, but customers should refrain from doing so considering that the service is still in beta/testing mode. You can alternatively also buy a handset supporting Reliance Jio on ( With the handset you will get a complementary 4G SIM) or on   Flipkart .



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