Save on Airfare. Book cheap Flights by using these secrets.

Today you will learn great secrets of booking flights at very discounted price. Do not forget to scroll to the end of this page. Unimaginable secrets will be reveled

1.   BOOK DIRECT and not through third party:

I always use third party agent like make my trip, Expedia etc. just to FIND which airlines provide the least price for a selected date and place. Then I will purchase directly from the airlines which is listed low in the travel agency sites. They charge extra charge and on top of that cancellation will be hassle free if you book directly.


2.    Look for price from neighboring airports:

Several times I have saved a lot of money by flying from nearby airport. Just make sure the difference in transportation to the airport is big enough to make the trip to an alternative airport worth it.

3.   Fly on Week Days:

For international travel, always plan to travel between Mondays to Thursday. You will save huge money by avoiding the airlines’ weekend surcharge on both ends. Also airlines tend to launch their sales on Tuesdays and end them on Thursdays and planes least full on these days of the week. Especially Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Also you can avoid check in and check out rush and easily you can pass through airport. If possible, avoid flying on weekends and during popular holiday periods. Sunday is by far the most expensive day of the week to travel and in Middle East it is on Friday.

4.   Book flight ticket well in advance:

When you buy early you save. Ideally 7 weeks is the best time to book for international flights. Book at least 2 to 3 weeks before your flight.

Below is some sample fares we just checked

  • $456 – Booked 4 days in advance
  • $282 – Booked 18 days in advance
  • $189 – Booked 28 days in advance

There are little to no savings you can do for domestic fares by purchasing ticket more than a month in advance. 


5.   Sign up for email or SMS alerts from your favorite airlines:

Sign up newsletters of your favorite airlines to know the offers and find cheap flights. Watch on Tuesday afternoon, by this time airlines will know if their week end flights are fully booked or not. If they still have a lot of empty seats, this is when they will slash the prices and tell their subscribers.

So there is theory Tuesday is the best day to go looking for cheap airfares. Most week end deals will be released on Tuesday.

6.    Try the 24-hour rule:

Some airlines may offer you a free refund if you cancel ticket within 24 hours before the departure. Just register 3rd party site for price alert and if the cost of the flight drops reasonably then cancel the original ticket and rebook the new one with lesser cost. 

7.   Travel in the Off-Season:

Air tickets to European counties or anywhere else in winter (off season) will drop 60% 75% from the peak summer price. Also you can find great deals in hotels. Also the tourist sites will not be much crowded. Remember: there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

8.   Clear your browser Cookies:

During your travel plan you will browse many travel sites. Before actual booking remove the cookies from your Internet browser’s history, otherwise the website will remember you were already there and jack up the price. You see that the rate has gone up and think, “uh-oh, I better book it now!” and wind up paying more than you should have for your ticket. 


9.   Watch out for hidden fees :

Cheap flights may turn out to be not so cheap once you add in various fees and surcharges. Budget carriers have low upfront prices, but will charge for extra services like seat selection, food& beverages, baggage etc.

Before you click to buy a bargain-basement fare, you should also look into what it will cost if you need to change or cancel your trip. “Rock-bottom airfares are usually non-refundable, so if there’s a chance you might need to cancel or change your ticket, read the fine print or ask the booking agent what it will cost if you have to rebook. 

10.  DO search for two one-way fares, even on different airlines:

Not always, but sometimes, buying return flights with one airline can be more expensive than purchasing two one way tickets from different airlines. This method gives you more flexibility, too, as you can come back when you want or even fly home from a different (cheaper) airport.

While some airlines charge extra for a one-way fare be careful about it. 

11.  DON’T avoid flying on the actual holiday :

Changing your departure or return date by one day can save major cash. Everyone is looking to fly on the actual holiday, so that’s the perfect time to try and extend your vacation by a day

12.   DON’T be afraid of the layover:

 Even though a nonstop is ideal, you can sometimes save huge by stretching your legs during a plane change. Some airlines also offer free stopovers — meaning you can extend your stay in the layover city and make it part of your vacation.


13.  DO look to book a package:

If you need a hotel in addition to your flight, it may be cheaper to buy a flight-and-hotel package than to book each separately. Many hotels take this opportunity to hide a very aggressive discount within a packaged price versus discounting the hotel alone. This is a great opportunity to find deals at big brands that are hesitant to have a low price next to their name. 

14. Go everywhere:

To get great Deals think of flying from another country than yours to reach your destination, for example for me I always use Istanbul as my base to fly from to anywhere else so if I want to fly to Milan I make it 2 separate tickets, first Kuwait to Istanbul stay there for 1or 2 days enjoy the great food there then fly from Istanbul to Milan and I found Trips From Istanbul are crazy cheap but in the right timing, and also another tip if you are flying multiple countries or cities Do not buy round trips just make them all one way then go from your last point back to your home . 

15. DO search for tickets one at a time:

Even if you’re flying with a group. Airlines often sell multiple fare classes at different prices, with a couple seats in each class. If there’s only one seat left in the lowest fare class and you search for four seats, most automated systems will show you the highest fare class for all four tickets. Try searching one at a time, just in case there are limited seats on sale. This way, you’ll rest assured that at least some, if not all, of your tickets were purchased for the lowest possible price. If you lock in the cheap fare and have the option to select seats, pick one next to an empty seat; then, immediately book the second ticket and select the seat next to the first one. It takes a little time and effort, but can really pay off.


16. Use reward miles:

Trading in reward miles for a ticket is still one of the best ways to score free or very cheap flights. Find the best reward offer to earn a free ticket faster. 


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