Love is a feeling that one feels towards another person, either because of her good qualities or bad qualities. In our present world right now love has no much impact as it was before. Youths tend to miss the meaning of true love and infatuation is love for them. A small percentage about 30% of the youths globally are serious with love matter. Many of the relationships breaks because many people doesn’t feel they are loved by opposite person.

As it was concluded by the great poem writers, Jill Alexander and Anna swirl that an unstable relationship just starts with signs of an untrue love and then lastly ends up with a breakup.


When they don’t read your mind

It becomes automatic when your soul mate does not read your mind and does not worry about what you think, that is a clear indication that the person does not love you and he or she doesn’t care about you.

When there is zero chemistry

In a relationship where there is no attraction that means that no chemistry between the two soul mates. That can be very disastrous as everyone has the need to be with his or he soul mate and enjoy the chemistry. Otherwise it will lead to a breakup due to cheating.

Lack of compliments from the soul mate

When the soul mate doesn’t compliment you on anything that is a very clear indication his or her mind is far away from your world. Good couples compliment to each other e.g: “honey you really look good in that pink dress” by that one will feel good and more loved.



Judgment on constant levels

When the couple argues each and every time, there is no need to force it, it’s clear that one of them does not understand nor want to hear anything from the other. A loving person will sit down and listen to all what the other have to say.

Not happy to see you around

When he or she is not happy to see you around him, and some time talk bad about you and how many bad things you have done to him, that is hatred but not love. Sometimes tells your friends how bad you are and he or she doesn’t not want to go out with you or visit your family.



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