Skipping or Jumping Rope – Fun and Exercise

Do you have childhood memories of jumping rope with your friends? I do have and I love that time when calories count was never on the list and we use to eat anything we want without having fear of gaining extra pounds. The reason was all those games (we used to play with our childhood friends) that burn those extra calories itself. Skipping as exercise is not new at all for fitness of the body. It has been there for many ages and practiced for body’s fitness then and now also.

Skipping or Jumping Rope – Fun & Exercise

Let’s find out benefits of skipping as exercise –

  • It burns the same counts of calories as much any HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise do. Itself it is best cardio workout for fitness.
  • In one minute, you can burn 20 calories, by jumping rope, calculating 1200 calories/hour.
  • You can jump rope anywhere, not only at your home means anywhere, you can do it in your room, terrace, outdoor or any place. If you have chosen to skip for your fitness, then bad weather can’t stop you to maintain your fitness.
  • You do not need any extra equipment for jumping rope; just you need a jump rope that can fit easily in your bag pack also when you are traveling out of the station, so no compromise with your fitness.
  • For improving bone density, jumping rope is very good and beneficial exercise.

Skipping or Jumping Rope – Fun & Exercise


  • Any age person, either beginner or professional, anyone can jump rope, no bar for age or proficiency level.
  • Cardiovascular health of blood pressure patients can be improved by skipping as it helps in improving heart rate.
  • In comparison to running or jogging, joints will bear less pressure in skipping.
  • A person having the routine of jumping rope as exercise don’t need to do any other exercise, as it is complete full body workout and doesn’t need any other exercise for toning muscles.
  • You can improve your coordination, balance, and footwork by jumping rope as trainers recommend skipping.

Skipping or Jumping Rope – Fun & Exercise

There are some variations which you can perform in skipping as exercise. These exercises are like Double Jump skipping exercise, Single-Leg Jumps skipping exercise and Cross-Jump skipping exercise.

If you want more high-intensity training, you can combine jumping rope with some other exercises like plank pose, deep squat or chair pose to make an amazing workout schedule.

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