Straight forward answer for life’s most common 24 problems…

Image: BK, Flickr, Creative commons license.

  1. Not enough money?

Go the extra mile. Render more and give better service than you’re being paid for. Serve more (Service though job, business, social service etc.) to the society and get back in abundance is the law of the word.  So add more value to the world.


  1. Stressed and tensed?

You are not living in the present. You are either always thinking about what happened in the past or dreaming of the future. Meditate, exercise and stop putting off things. Don’t expect everything to be perfect and as you need. Stop trying to control things. Also don’t take yourself so seriously. In life when one door closes another will open. So take a chill pill.

  1. Bored and alone?

Mate, life is too short to be bored…Jump out of your couch and do something fun. Just do it by moving your butt. Go out to new places and meet new people with no expectation. 36500 days maximum is what you can live ; I don’t know how much you have already killed from that count.


  1. Don’t like the way you look?

Look at all the successful people. Are they all great looking? No…

So accept yourself as you are. You are unique in this world and there is an unknown reason for you to be like that. So change what you can change and want to change. Eat healthy, workout more, dress up well (get some tips from the internet), go to a stylist and change your haircut. Don’t compare yourself to others. Doing that you are insulting yourself.

  1. Hate your job?

Look for a work that you would love to do. The work you are ready to do without even getting paid enough is the work you really love. If you are wondering by doing that you will not earn sufficient money then read point 1 on this post to get an answer. Read 15 mistakes of life

  1. Too many commitments?

Learn to say No whenever needed. By saying No if you don’t want to hurt others then it will in return hurt you.


  1. Tired?

Just relax on some days. Take a break. The world will not stop functioning during your absence. If you die tomorrow will the world, your family or friends not live? They will .So exercise more, eat better, get more sleep, and take a vacation whenever needed.

  1. Like to learn more cool stuff but lazy to read

Start browsing you tube. Watch audio and video.


  1. Scared of doing something important and new?

Just do it. Stop pressurizing your little brain.

  1. Feel bad about something you did to someone?

Apologize. Do what best you can to make it right.


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