Straight forward answer for life’s most common 24 problems…

  1. Have a lot of self-doubt?

Great, this will lead you to explore more about yourself and during this journey you are on to something big. Keep going forward.



  1. Don’t like the place where you live?

Move from there. If not immediately then plan and prepare to move.

  1. Don’t know what to do and how to do something?

Internet, e-book and asking someone who knows about it will surely open the light tunnel.

  1. Someone offended you?

Someone offends you to make you feel bad. Don’t give away your power and right to be happy to someone else.


  1. Worried about what people think about you?

Hello, people don’t have time to think about you. All are busy and they are thinking about themselves like you. How much time do you spend on thinking about others? .

  1. Addicted to cigarettes and alcohol?

If your will power is not strong enough to quit on your own contact de-addiction center to get some help.

  1. Have anger problems?

That means your stressing out easily. Learn to keep your cool. Meditate; pinch yourself when you get temper. Most importantly try to sweat out to clear your mind from all non-sense thoughts.


  1. People in your life are bringing you down?

Take more responsibility for your life. You’re the only one responsible for your own happiness and success or misery and failure.  Don’t blame others it is just your excuse to run away.

  1. How to achieve success and you think you cannot reach your goals?

Success will not come by just sitting and thinking. It needs action. Just execute what you think is right without worrying about the result. Just start from your idea of becoming successful. Don’t wait for the time to be right, or for things to be perfect to get started; these are just avoidance techniques.

Your goal has nothing to do with anyone else’s circumstance and it is up to you to decide. If you are not serious about it that goal is not yours, you have just copied it by looking at someone else’s success.

  1. Putting something off?

Do it now. You’ll feel so much better after you do.

  1. Don’t have good friends?

Go be a better friend. Be more honest and open.


  1. Complain a lot?

Stop it. That means negative thinking is dominating you. Complaining only makes things worse and never helps to solve anything. Instead take responsibility to make the situation better and seek for solution.

  1. Not happy?

Do what you love. Read good books. Surround yourself with positive people. Be more thankful for what you have than worrying about what you don’t have. Many are not fortunate enough to have what you have today and they determined to achieve what you have now. Accept the very fact that you are a human being with all emotions and it makes you feel like shit. It is fine.

  1. Want life to be even more awesome than it already is but don’t know how?

Keep on visiting and continue your reading. What you sow will reap. All the positivity, changing the life style and learning from your own experience will make you to reach higher level of happiness in the coming days. Keep the hope alive.


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