Video: Simple Solution to Smart phone addiction-Shocking Ways Mobile Phone Is Affecting Your Life

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In the current era of living mobile phones become the basic necessity of once life. Every technology comes with lot of advantage and there are also some disadvantage if you do not use it responsibly. Once you get addicted to it then disadvantages are surpasses the advantage. Most of the people feel that they need to check their smart phones  every few minutes.Studies showed that average users picks up their phone more than 1500 times a week

Reports say that  average person has four social media accounts and spends one hour 45  minutes on these accounts.Also reports say that teens or college student spend an average of 9 to 10 hours a day on their cell phones including surfing, sending hundreds of messages. It is  6 time more than the time spent with friends.


Below video by Team Coco gives the solution for this smart phone addition. Let us first see what the serious side effects of the smart phone addiction.

Social Effects:

Smart phone makes us more isolated from the society instead of connecting. We are more distracted and doing always multitasking and living less in the “present” both during the  work time as well as in the social gathering.

Health & Eyesight issue:

As people spend more time watching this small screen through out the day can cause damage to the retina of the eyes. The cell phone screen emit blue light which is not good for eyes. In the  research survey most people agree that eye discomfort is due to their addition to the cell phones.Also research showed that radiation from the cellphones and other connected devices causes serious health issues.Studies showed that cell phone has 10 times more bacteria than the toilet seat has.


Disrupted Sleep:

Most of the people asleep with their cellphone. The bright light exposure of cell phone at the night  has very big impact on the sleep schedule than the coffee.


Once you are with smart phone and internet connection then everyone aware that you are always available to talk, test message like whatsapp, social media notification and emails. Office email you will notice during family time and creates stress resulting in lack of proper family time. People are having compulsion to read and respond these incoming alerts coming from everyone can cause more stress.

Studies showed that it also causes anxiety and depressions because people expect constant response from friends and worry when they aren’t responded as expected.

Effect on relationship:

Some people literally married to their smart phones and need to keep on checking their phone every few minutes. During the conversation opposite person focuses on the phone and shows less interest in listening creates disinterest with the other person. It impact on the effective communication and there by impacting on the relationship.

Watch below video for the solution for this addition… I am not serious!

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