Video:How To LOOK Taller… 6 Style Tips To Appear Taller Than You Are.

Most short men desire to look tall. We cannot change our height which mother nature has given us. Most women develop a faster liking for average to tall guys in terms of physical appearance which is why most men start to compare themselves with taller guys and get uncomfortable with their height during their teens.


Here are few quick and non painful solutions for us shorter guys who have always dream about being tall. You do not need magic, pills or any surgery, all you need is to play around with your wardrobe. Yes that’s right a good wardrobe can get you going without worrying about your appearance at all.  Get a set of perfect fitted clothes that would make an illusion of looking lean and taller, few accessories to draw attention to positive areas and get some help and tips on carrying yourself with the right attitude. Tips: Avoid wearing horizontal striped shirts and instead opt for vertical ones that will create an illusion of elongated upper body. Avoid wearing baggy pants.


Click on the VIDEO to learn more tips from image consultant Aaron Marino founder of alpha m. 

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