Why a visit to Petra is necessary for you

Petra Tour guide

Petra Tour guide


An intriguing city Petra has always been an enigma for the people visiting it. Historians delight and an archaeologists heaven this place witnesses a large number of footfalls every year. In case you are also a travel buff and would like to experiment something new then visiting this place should be your topmost priority. Let us find out what makes this place a must visit location world over.

1)Rich culture

Built by Nabataeans a group of nomads around 2000 years back this place has a rich history and heritage associated with it.These nomads slowly made this place their capital and indulged in a trade with other countries from here itself. It was this contact with other countries that made this place a budding hub of mixed cultures.

2) An architectural delight

The one thing that makes Petra such a delightful place is the wonderful architectural marvels created here.The entire city has been constructed by carving the rocks and hence you will witness some extraordinary pieces in form of dams, pools and other channels of water. Construction of The Treasury boasts of technologies used which were unheard of till that time.


3) World heritage site

Declared as world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1985 this place has some ancient marvels which are worth a look. Most of these places are now being adequately maintained and preserved so that this heritage does not get lost in the sands of time.


4) The night view

Unlike other locations, Petra gives you a different look and feel in the night time. Once you enter the city at night you get a strange feeling seeing these magnificent historical buildings standing all alone. Thrice in a week, the roads of this city are lit up with thousands of candles granting this place an indefinable aura in itself.


5) Favourite Hollywood destination

This historical city has been witness to a couple of interesting Hollywood movies shoot. These include commercial hits like Indiana jones-The last crusade, The Mummy returns, and Revenge of the fallen. Apart from that even Arabian nights has been shot here. So if you have loved the locales pictured in these movies you could roam the streets to experience that feel.

6) Exploring Bedouin culture

Bedouin culture reflects the lifestyle and habits of an ancient Arabian tribe which used to inhabit these countries. The Bedouin cuisine is mouth-watering and hence should be relished at any cost. You can also visit and spend some time in the Bedouin camp which would give you a fair idea of how life used to be at that time.

7) Safety aspect

Petra located in Jordan is one of the highly friendly tourist countries and is considered to be one of the safest countries in the Arab area. Its rich history along with the unmatched architectural brilliance make people get attracted towards giving this place a visit at least once in their lifetime.


So what are you waiting for ? Pack your bags and get your arrangements done. Visit this place to get your experience in the ancient era and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Make sure to carry enough information about the places to visit and maps and local currencies so that you do not have to worry about any operational hassles. Happy Journey…

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