You Will Be Surprised To Know The 7 Shaving Mistakes You Have Been Making From All These Years!!

Most of you might have been shaving for years and so you might be under the impression that you know to shave correctly. But, shaving is an art, and like any other art it also needs some knowledge and some skills to master it. You might have been shaving from the age of 16 on wards and thinking it to be simplest of tasks, but it requires some real skills to get the most out of your shaving routine. Check out these most common mistakes men make while shaving and find out how to shave in the right way!


Using cold water:


You may be too lazy to use warm water for your shaving regime, but using cold water does not give the same results as using warm water can give! This is the most common mistake that men commit. Around 70-80% of the men use cold water to soak their face before shaving, which is the main reason for not getting that salon like effect. Using cold water stiffens the hair, and shrinks the facial pores. Another disadvantage is that cold water does not let the shaving cream to work efficiently. So next time you wish to get that great look without any irritation use warm water for shaving. Using warm water to pre-rinse your face softens the hair and skin, thereby allowing the razor to work smoothly with ease.

Not using moisturizer:

Just using warm water is not the way to get a great shave. Moisturizing is a significant step in the process of shaving. So, it is always recommended to use moisturizer before you shave. The pre-shave glycerine products can help you get a fantastic shave. A proper moisturizer makes the entire shaving experience smoother as well as relieves you of any irritation. Let the moisturizer work on your skin. Try to be patient and wait for a few seconds so that the lotion or oil sinks into your skin. Just use a bit of moisturizer and you are ready to begin.

Pay attention to the sideburns buddy!

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Very few men know what to do with the sideburns. Most men either cut the sideburns completely or cut it too little. You should know what to do with the sideburns. Never cut the sideburns up to the ears as it gives a bad look; letting the sideburns grow till the jaw line is neither a good option. Always let your sideburns be of a proper length which is just up to the middle of your ears. Pay as much attention to the sideburns, as you focus to keep up your beards. Trim it regularly so that the hairs do not turn bushy!


Not buying the right shaving cream:

It is the biggest of all the mistakes that men make in the shaving process. Just buying any random shaving cream may be the reason behind those bumps and irritation, so choose the shaving cream wisely. Watch out for the best shaving cream. The ingredients of the shaving cream you use matters a lot, so watch out the product.

The purpose of a shaving cream is to ensure your skin is well coated and hydrated to have a smooth shaving result. Just looking for something cost-effective is not a good idea, but look for the ingredients used and the percentage of chemicals it has. Most of the shaving creams contain many harsh chemicals which may have adverse impact on your facial skin. So, it is good to choose a cream with essential oils and less or no chemicals to give you a soft and supple after shave effect.

Using too much pressure:

You may feel that applying too much pressure makes the process to work better, but this is a myth. This only exposes you to possibilities of cuts and after shave irritation. Learn to shave gently and lightly without applying pressure. Applying pressure while shaving is the wrong way to shave, the best way is to let the razor work on your face naturally.

Not changing the blades

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If you have done this, it is just the time to stop! It is the most inappropriate practice. Using the same shaving blades again and again is not only unhygienic, but also the reason for getting unfavorable results. Using the same blades many times also causes bumps and you need to run the razor again and again to remove the hair. So, changing the shaving blades regularly is a must. But don t forget to see this TIPS ( Tip number 16) which will help to use your old blunt blade .


Using an after shave which has chemicals

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Most guys nowadays use after shave gel or balms to get best shaving results. Using an after shave balm or lotion is not a mistake, but, you might be committing a grave mistake by choosing an after shave with high sulphates and parabens  (Preservatives may be used in cosmetics). Most after shave lotions and balms have high percentage of chemicals and so do more harm than good.

After shave balms have an antiseptic element which prevents the skin from any infections from any cuts while shaving. But, you can reap the benefits if you use an after shave which has lesser chemicals, contains moisturizing oils and is paraben free. Use a good after shave balm or lotion with soothing elements which not only closes the pores but also leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. If you wish to get a refreshed look after shave and need an after shave balm without any parabens .

So, the next time you desire to get a salon like shave, be sure that you do not repeat these trivial mistakes.  Get an amazing after shaved look with these amazing tips and make the most out of your regime. What are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

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