Before bidding adieu …take a look at the most liked videos of 2016

The year 2016 is now coming to an end. Among other events, this year will be known prominently for Demonetisation, Donald Trump Win and India’s surgical strike on Pakistan. As always viewers visited YouTube for their share of entertainment and some videos were given a preference over the others. In a countdown, we list to you the top 5 trending videos of this year and the reason why they top the list.


TVF-Truth or Dare with Dad:

What happens when Mom and Dad come visiting your house. How difficult it becomes to keep all your secrets hidden from them .To top it all you start playing a Truth or Dare game with them and pretty soon much to your embarrassment you have to disclose everything .An apt portrayal of the life bachelors lead these days this video managed to get a good 5,768,339 views.

The Voice India Kids –Ayat sheikh:

The Voice India Kids was a platform for young kids to sing and show their talent. But when dressed in pink Ayat Sheikh came on stage to sing “Tumse Mili Nazar” people just fell in love with her. The fact that she is only 6 years and such an adorable doll made everyone including the judges want to come and give her a hug. With 21,060,412 views, this little girl stayed in everyone’s mind long after she was eliminated from the show.


Complete truth of Rs 2000 notes with chip embedded in it:

The moment demonetisation was announced people got inquisitive about how the new currency was going to be. In the midst of enough rumours floating ABP news circulated this video to make people aware of the qualities of this new note. People watched the video to get insider information about the same resulting in 9,599,102 views in such a short time period.

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The Kapil Sharma show-Sultan episode:

Kapil Sharma is the reigning king of comedy and his show is loved and watched by all. But what happens when the show is visited by the current king of Bollywood i.e. Salman khan. With a whopping 22,672,825 views, that episode became one of the most watched episodes of that program this year. Have a look as Kapil, Salman and Anushka have fun playing the Bhojpuri version of Kaun Banega Kadodpati along with Dr. Mashhoor Gulati.


Crime Patrol Dial 100-Andhkar:

All of us love to watch real stories and Crime patrol has always brought forth the dirty world of crime to our living rooms. In one such episode, they tell us a story of the murder of a Schoolboy named Keshav and obviously the “who done it”. Getting a total 18,498,933 views this video became an important part of this list. Watch it and let us know who the killer is.

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